Goalkeeper De Gea received a huge wage, stormy football in Sanchez-24h

Friday, March 1, 2019 01:57 AM (GMT + 7)

After the impact of Crystal Palace 3-1, the joy of declining when De Gea is near the new contract.

MU just 3-1 at Crystal Palace. With 3 points, "Red Devils" continues to & # 39; Heat up an Arsenal in the Top 4 visit.

In addition, the Solskjaer coach is currently expanding the series accidentally to 11 in. Premier League (winning 9, draw 2) since Mourinho was replaced.

Shocked MU: De Gea got a terrible salary boom, attacking Sanchez - 1

De Gea will have a great deal

Following ongoing news, Much fans continue to wait for De Gea to sign up a new partnership officially. According to famous news from the Daily Mail and Telegraph, the Spanish subsidiary agreement remains at MU with a large salary of £ 350,000 to £ 375,000 per week.

At present, David De Gea has the contract MU The term is only until June this year and there is a genuine self-activation for one year to the summer of 2020. But because the Spanish guardian is valuable to the Old Trafford team, the class MU & # 39; shows hard fever on the setup table.

The source said the problem is not between the two sides but in the case of payment. It is known that the Spanish janitor's representative Jorge Mendes is working on Sanchez's huge salary (£ 400.00 / week) to spend a Gay salary to £ 375,000 / week.

But the wage of £ 350,000 is more than De Gea's world-renowned visitor and the second at Old Trafford after Alexis Sanchez.

For Mu, the chance to successfully save the visitor number 1 is very high, especially when the European giants are not interested in visiting De Gea in the contract. At present, Real the King is employed. Although PSG is also well-known in Buffon's experienced visitor hands to keep the goal.

Eventually, Juventus, the Ronaldo team, has a full credit in Szczesny. So, De Gea believes Old Trafford is the best place for future development.

After Jose Mourinho's rule, the Spanish guardian was very happy when things were changing in advanced leadership under the Ole Solskjaer coach.

Mu & Trauma Triobla: De Gea is in pain, a squad that destroys

David de Gea is in pain and needs help from medical staff.

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