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Ha Tinh: The case of officers who use public carriages is required to attend a stop station

Thursday, February 14, 2019 00:30 AM (GMT + 7)

On her New Year's Day & Workstation New Year's Pig (2019), the public about Ha Tinh considered about two cars of a blue sea service; go to Chan Tien Pagoda (Thinh Loc, Loch Hawaii, Ha Tinh) during office hours. Many people are disturbed that cycling officers are opposed to a temple contest against their guides; First Minister.

The most spectacular money

On the 11th of February (the 7th Lunar New Year) on the social network, there were information about two blue cars, BKS 38A-6789 and 38A-000.56, built at Chan Tien Pagoda, located in the Thinh Loc Loc Ha district), along with the status line: "When you go to their first day, how do officials pay their salaries to go to the temple? Do you & # 39; denying State rules, Government, or people's directions? "

Ha Tinh: The case of officers who use public vehicles is required to be present at a stop station - 1

According to the Office of the Head of the District Office of Loch Ha, this car was used by the Head of Culture and two experts working at Chan Tien Pagoda (Photo: Facebook).

Following the comments, PV Infonet was introduced to confirm the event. According to the research, there were two BKS 38A-6789 and 38A-000.56 vehicles under the management of Loc Ha District Group.

This is also confirmed by Mr Nguyen Ngoc Thach, Head of Local Area Public Office Ha.

Mr Thach, according to his plan from the beginning, said on the morning of February 11, local authorities of Loc Ha came to work with the Chan Tien Pagoda Management Board to link the program to reform and re- raise the erection of stones.

According to Mr Thach, the Vice Chair of the District Person's Committee chaired the meeting. However, due to the layout of the plan for its & # 39; the first year in Phu Luu commune, the Head of Department of Culture and two professional officers on BKS 38A-6789 sent to work first. After planting trees, Deputy Chairman Le Quang Hue and his / her; car 38A-000.56 download later.

Reporter asked, is the car service for the head of a working culture in accordance with the rules on the use of public vehicles? Mr Thach agreed: "I have been the Deputy Chairman of the District People Committee to ask me before getting his car and agreed."

Speaking to PV Infonet, Mr Le Quang Hue, Former Chairman of the Loc Ha District People's Committee, concluded: "In principle, I am the festival manager, and at the beginning of the year I looked at Every religious activity in the area is so the car It's normal for me to be there. "

Reflection on Head of Department Department; Culture who uses a blue sea car to work at Chan Tien Pagoda, Mr Hue refused: "Department of Culture Department will not travel public buses but travel in white sea the same and Vice President over the Economy Department one ".

However, by sharing with Infonet, Deputy Chief is responsible for the local economy of Loc Ha, he said: "On the morning of February 11, the area's representative was to work with Chan Tien Pagoda for Prepared for the work between the area and the Compassionate Scheme, they help to repair the temple. Ask me to plan it, and return to the office, without to participate. "

Before the people who struggled between the heads of the Loc Ha district, understood, a monk at Chan Tien's temple said: "Yesterday, area officials here were very tall. They went up to offer a boon for a while and returned, without talking about anything. "

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The second blue sea car that was ruled by the People's Lakes District Committee at Chan Tien Pagoda on the first day of the Pig year (Photo: Facebook)

Looking for service?

The social network also appeared "The officer at Loc Ha cadre at the pagoda" appears on his & # 39; Competition for the order of the service between groups of people who are attending pagodas.

So, about 10 m on the 11th of February, when the abbot was praying for a group of people of Chan Tien Pagoda (in the Thinh Loc area, the Loc Ha area), a Haitian district office representative group was introduced .

Seeing that, a man in the temple gave a microphone to invite the staff "who opposed" the ceremony ahead. This campaign is challenging people who are in a position. affecting it. A group of local area representatives of Loch Ha did not enter the service but disappeared.

Sharing this case, Mr Le Quang Hue, Vice Chairman of the Loc Ha District Personnel Committee, said: "When I arrived, the abbot was doing a service to pray for peace and gave unit to the town of Ha Tinh, so I sit down under the house waiting to talk ".

"About 20 minutes later, he invited me to come in and I had to wait for the rest of the group, and they were worried about it and 3 people were still not ready. So asked me to do it, but we did not. " Mr Hue said.

Through many information channels, PV has confirmed that a group of people who have come to pray for peace at Chan Tien Reserve are a schoolmaster in the town. Hà Tĩnh.

The principle said: "Yesterday, at about 10am, the school came to fire at Chan Tien Pagoda. When there was an event, a group of people appeared but we did not know who. Mackerel took a mickey from abbey, trying to stop other people already do, to disturb the teachers. "

"After that, I thought that the pagoda is a purest place, here everyone is the same, officers and people, first come first," he said.

For more information about the event, PV Infonet has occasionally been said and sent a text to Mr Le Trung Phuoc, Chairman of the District People's Committee of Loc Ha, but they did not all communicate successfully.

Prime Minister of Àir. 26 / CT-TTg, which had to go to fèisean during office hours, not to Use of public carriages for fèisean (except for fulfillment of duties) Non-organized fèisean affect work time and efficiency. Heads of ministries, agencies and venues do not attend the festival unless competent authorities do not; given them.

Sea car

The Ba Vang pagoda festival, the blue sea car, has caused the people to feel uncomfortable.

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