Happening well in the flower market during the period of 11/11


It's not a "fever" that is a flower market every year but the region is still diverse, rich. Photograph: M.Trà

New flowers usually …

On 20/11 this year, according to the Newspaper & Social Family Newspaper review, on many streets in Hanoi, a new flower market has been very unexpectedly. Other events are less and less tolerant as points that can be seen by anyone. So, instead of buying and selling. Traffic traffic sales this year the number of customers only looks on the evening of 19/11. At a new flower shop at the Cau Giay market gate (Cau Giay area), the number of customers is not full, full as every year. Clustees commented that the number of customers was up to date during the past days. The price of each flower basket is accessible with most people wanting, not every basket of flour here but from 300,000 to 600,000.

Speaking to us, an owner told her; This new flower shop: "Every year, the price of new flowers on 20 November increased slightly but not much compared to the event 20/10 or 8/3. Parents usually produce flower symbols and how without the price but under the reimbursement of 500,000 VND. Without mention, many parents turn to gifts and other flowers as usual, and so the number of customers is less than their customers, every year.

At the same time, the new floral shop at Kim Ma – Nguyen Chi Thanh crossroads is the same situation, guests are stronger than everyday days but not "fever" every year. To attract customers, many flora stores here are also imported from many countries in the world for supply. Although flowers are included mixed with water in the water but the price of each bundle or group is "soft".

The owner of a flower shop in the Kim Ma-Nguyen Chi Thanh area said: "Parents are the largest number of visitors to the shop, each flower, flowers have a cost of 300,000 VND or more. Customers refreshed from 17/11. "The parent of a woman present at the sale of Kim Ma's sales area said:" This flower is beautiful and attractive and there is no fever, it's a good price For other times and so it's very easy to choose. I'll buy a good room with a variety of luxurious flowers, but only $ 500,000 to visit the family leader.

Nguyen Hoang Nam (in the Cau Giay area) bought a new 500,000 VND flower: "Every year, I visit my old teacher every day. I am very happy about respect. A very good year and diverse species and so there are many options for merchants. An owner of a flower shop where Mr Nam is just bought: "These new flowers are not" fever "such as trips because new flowers are just symbolic, many people have chosen a good, more reasonable gift ".

Cosmics, gifts, new "kingdoms" flowers juices are introduced

New flowers have not risen on this year's 20 November compared to weekdays.

New flowers have not risen on this year's 20 November compared to weekdays.

At this time, many students, students and parents said that the gifts on 20 October are grateful that teachers have been working hard for years to learn more than their children to the time. mind Although many different ways are grateful but everyone wants the teachers to get the heart out of a mystery. According to a Family & Social Journal report at many places that sells gifts in Hanoi, the results have attracted many people at this time; including cosmetics, fashion, fruit introduced … At a gift shop on Doi Can Street (Ba Dinh District) there are many parents who have their gifts. The shopkeepers said: "Since November 18, many customers came to buy, especially students, students and parents with children. The items chosen to be to produce beauty, jewelry or small items.

According to this female employee, the amount of money being spent is costing a & # 39; buying these things to a large extent from more than 100,000 to less than 500,000. In addition to the things in a gift there are cosmics, jewelry, in other places customers can Choosing fashion items such as: shoes, towels, scarves, sweater, purses, bags … "Wind farmers, sparrows are a large student, students have a lot of money with pocket money to go to # 39 ; matching the weather in the cold season, she said.

At the same time, a number of parents have also spent a lot of money for buying a handgun, gift cards for children's teachers. Talk about this, Ms. Tham (Ha Dong district): "My son is in level 3 and his teacher has a keen interest in learning, even in the last episode he learned. So, 39; the family agreed to give her a handbag.

In addition to the features mentioned above, our survey at some supermarkets and exchanges of fruit in Hanoi also bought buyers, merchants. Most shops are distributed to school, for teachers. At a fruit shop that was introduced on Cau Giay Road, many days to stop the offer were discounted to guests at 20 November. New fruits are sold in kilograms or decorated with a basket, with every fruit basket from 300,000 to 1 million VND, most of which are suitable for everyone's finances. "I bought a fruit basket for the whole school production," she said. "My class gives me the envelope quickly and easily."

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