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With a 2.2 billion VND division at Ho Chi Minh City – Thanh Fada – Dà Giay taxation station, many believe that the income of this tax station can be up to 6 billion / day, not 1 billion / day as a report. So, in fact, how much is this bill in a BOT day?

Traffic stream through this tax booth is very large, and frequent holidays are happening.

As reported by Lao Dong newspaper, in the morning in the last 3 days, the two robbers and gadgets robbers and put a store on HCM City Offices – Thanh Fada – Da Giay's high-level tax station in the Thong Nhat area (Dong Nai) to steal the number. More than 2.2 billion VND at the time the staff deliver the shift.

From this information, many people and members of the public said that the tax station had a & # 39; 2.2 billion dong collection in an 8-hour shift, so in one day, there must be a change of up to 6 billion dong.

The road is 55km long with the investment of more than 20,000 billion VND in the BOT form.

On afternoon 8.2, a newspaper exchange Lao Dong, director of the Vietnam Technical Service Shared Stock Company (VECE), says that the information about HCM City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay taxation station is not 6 billion / day right.

According to the VECE directors, in the usual days, their company will have a & # 39; route collection with sizes from 3.3 to 3.4 billion dong. Especially in the past days, heat holidays in 2018 (this year, year 2019 are still counted), the daily collection of 5 to 6 billion VND.

Explanation of the amount of money made by the two robbers over 2.2 billion VND in the shift, the investor director said it was a sum of 8 live movements; No motion as a public opinion.

"The amount of money in the shelf before robbery is more than 3.23 billion VND, which includes a 2-system income of 4.2, 3 systems on 5.2 and 3 systems 6.2. When stolen, only about VND 300 million were collected "- said VECE leader.

Ho Chi Minh City – Thanh Fada – Dà Ghiay started to be built in October 2009 and completed in January 1.2014. There is a distance of 55km, a size of 4 settlements on this road, a 120km / h planning distance with a total investment of over VND20,600 billion.

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