Heavy pressure can have a significant pressure through "speed" speed, in the next 24 hours

Tuesday, 11/20/2018 11:14 AM (GMT + 7)

There is a tropical thermal heat at a distance of 25km / h, and it is possible to bring a storm into the next 24 hours and enter South China.

According to the National Center for Waterfall, at about 7am this morning, tropical dementia is located in the Pacific Ocean about 400km east of the Main Middle of the Philippines. The strongest wind near the middle level of tropical low shoe 7 (50-60km / h), level of circulation 9.

Low tropical pressure can move

The location and direction of severe tropical bridges (Photograph: Center for National Geographical Survey)

The tropical depression is expected to be; move northwest, about 25km per hour and be able to flow in the next four hours.

By 7am on November 21, tephoons will affect the center of the Philippines. The strongest wind near the middle of storm strength 8 (60-75km / h), the level of shock 10.

In the next 24 to 48 hours, the crop will move westwards, each time to travel around 25km and go into South China, and # 39; Growing a ninth floods working in the region in 2018.

After entering South China, Tephoon has the ability to. 9 strengthen. At 7pm on November 22, the tephoon No. 9 located approximately 190km east of Eilean Tatha (Truong Sa). The strongest wind near a strong storm range 8-9 (60-90km / h), fish level 11.

In the next 48 to 72 hours, tephoon moves west, 15-20 km per hour and seems to continue to continue.

By 7:00 p.m. on November 23, the storm's situation goes off the coast of the South side; Chladaich is approximately 250km east. The strongest wind near a strong 9-10 stormy mid (75-100km / h), shock level 12.

Following the merchandise into South China to be combined with cold air on November 21, severe weather and storm directions are very difficult. Residents should follow the news to follow the situation, and respond to the response.

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