Heavy waters will cause landslide, 13 dead and lost, 44 injuries – Nhan Dan newspaper


In Nha Trang City (Khanh Hoa), from 17-11 to 18-11 heavy rainfall, losses were killed by 13 people, lost 25 and injured. These erosion locations occur in Vinh Tho, Vinh Truong, Vinh Hoa and Dong Phuoc, cause dozens of houses to be buried and pressed. Especially in the Vinh Hoa window, Hoang Phu's bankrupt reservoir was broken. In Dong Phuoc, left the landslide behind Lam Phi's temple Not many dead and wounded people. On November 18, City Nha Trang moved 400 other active divisional agents, branches and branches and their home to use rescue work at a landslide site, and Finding people buried, lost and wounded. At the same time, 250 households with 1,400 people in the Pag Pag will move to private for safe shelter. The Khanh Hoa People Committee ordered the Nha Trang town to review and re-move each home in dangerous areas to safe places to stay; Continue to implement measures to support and rescue people in the field that is in place; impact; We will visit, & # 39; Encouraging, sharing problems with families who have died or missing, will be treated in hospital. In addition, statistics need to be made about damaging the people so that the State's support is preserved in an early, fair and right way.

★ On November 18, there was paralysis in National Highway 1 in Cam Ranh City (Khanh Hoa) due to flooding of water. There are floods to more than 1m, traffic waste, and many sections on national routes 1 in Nha Trang are also badly damaged. Vinh Phuong area and Vinh Luong groups have big points of falling, causing traffic to be divided. The hard surface of its road is damaged, damaged; split between; damage to the road, buildings; the road is very contaminated; Boulders, curved trees fall down the road that cause traffic congestion. Air National Highway 27C (Thai, Khanh Vinh, Khanh Hoa), the land, landslide and fall of the morn is also happening.

★ Su Dau Dau water management in the Cam Lam area (Khanh Hoa division), Khanh Ho Irrigation Project One Member of Duties Group was issued on floods at 13am on November 18 to complete November 23, with the highest daily flow of 200 m3 / sq.m. and 70 m3 / dk at night. Therefore, the downlands of Cam Lam, Dien Khanh and Nha Trang need to respond to safety measures.

★ On November 18, Tornadoes in Da Dao, An Ninh Dong, Tuy An (Phu Yen division), caused 19 injured people and 45 injured people. Heavy waters also caused many parts of Tuy An, Dong Xuan and Tay Hoa areas. In the Dong Xuan mountain area, the flooding of the old Trau Spring Bridge in Xuan Phuoc, caused by Xuan Quang 1 and Phu Mo's associations, caused severe flooding. Shortly after the tornado took place, the leaders of the local people, the Tuy An area and the Ninh Dong community were present at the time to guide the rest. At the same time to encourage rescue forces, people help cleaning, rebuilding homes, tents; Encourage the wound.

★ Due to the effects of tropical dementia in the Ninh Thuan section, water causes water levels in rivers. The water level at Cai Phan Rang at Tan My station is 34.08m, below the alarm level of 1.42m; At Pan Rang station, it was 0.37 m, per 2.13 mBB. Heavy waters in some countries have occurred. At this time, the Co-signals, Co Mo, have opened two-third openings of openings from 3.88 to 75.71 m3 / sec; Loch Trung Phuoc, Mountain One is free of charge from 0.87 to 4.07 m3 / second.

★ Due to the depression, it is anticipated that the flooding of the Thuan Thin continent will be heavy, particularly in flood rivers, requiring areas and areas to be reviewed and carried out to ensure safety. for people, tourists in coastal areas; At the same time, review the plan and the plan to move people from dangerous areas on the # 39; the shore and mouth of the river, which could affect wave, strong winds, tides, low areas, floods and landslides.

★ In the City of Can Tho, seven trees made heavy rain to convert original tire, four Hung Loi bridge lamps fell. In addition, the water has dropped two houses quickly, the local government has a regular support to overcome the problem.

According to the National Center for Metallurgy and Hydro-Electric, after entering the Ninh Thuan coastal areas and Thuan Bin areas, tropical depression has weakened in a low pressure area. By midnight on November 18, the middle center of the zone has a low weight of 10.3 to 11.3 degrees in north latitude; 107.5 to 108.5 eastbound, mainland Binh Thuan mainland. Then, the low weight continues to be & # 39; Southwest south-west move, and every hour left 10km to weaken and discharge; gradually spread. Due to low low density, the southern regions (19-11) with mixed water, heavy rain and storm. Excursions, storms and flexible winds can occur. This is the last news on Hurricane No.8.

★ In response to waters and heavy floods, on November 18, the Management Committee for the official Telegraph PCTT 57 / CĐ-TW on the coastal areas from Quang Nam to Ba Ria – Vung Tau, and its & # 39; co-ordination by ministers and branches involved in a & # 39; investigate and analyze areas of high risk of flooding, hillflowers, lowland areas, rivers and streams, to move people to safe places, especially in the areas; already. heavy rainfall, landslide. Maintenance of forces and their; means responding when requested. In particular, the Khanh Hoa division moves to its armies and the means of finding people missing, supporting victims' families, repairing vulnerable people; Cross rapidly on landslide, flood to strengthen people's lives.

★ Cold air affects North & North Northern, and then, affecting the northwest and some of the mid-center. On November 19, the coldest regions in North East China are at the lowest temperature temperature from 19 to 22oC, areas of fog with temperatures from 15 to 17oC.

The first cold winter in 2018 – 2019 occurs in the second half of December with the average temperature by 15oC.

★ On November 18, due to the effects of tropical depression, an international trip from Vietnam to Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa) needs to land ashore in Ho Chi Minh City. After a better weather, the plane at Nha Trang disappeared at 12:10 and came ashore at 13:00. In addition, many other aircraft have a major impact on Nha Trang and from Nha Trang. Air advisers also allow passengers to choose routes to avoid flooding, landslide, travel time to avoid missing trips.

At the same time, rail information said that some sections of the railway line in the Nha Trang – Luong Son area have been in the bad back so that the SE7 can not enter the Nha Trang station. On 18-11, SE7 passengers must wait at the Luong Son station, waiting after the water, to ensure the safe vessel is on its way; tour.

★ Jetstar Pacific Airlines said that two BL245 aircraft (Hanoi – Da Lat) and BL424 (Ho Chi Minh Town – Buon Ma Thuot) were forced to take two flights (Hanoi – Da Lat) at the port of a port – The Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh Town due to bad weather in the Buon Ma Thuot Airport and Lien Khuong Airport. Jetstar Pacific also needs to stop BL425 operating buo (Buon Ma Thuot – Ho Chi Minh City) and BL244 (Da Lat – Hanoi).

Power of Prime Minister on & # 39; pull the answer, which overflows the water and flood effects

The Government Prime Minister has sent Congo to areas; Shung from Binh Dinh to Ba Ria – Vung Tau has been actively involved in a & # 39; address the effects of tephoon No. 8. Therefore, due to the impact Typhoon No.8 weakens into tropical depression, on November 18 in the most southerly areas in heavy waters causing landslide, local produce, badly bad people and property of the State and people. , especially in the Khanh Hoa division. The Prime Minister will express and write to her; Thanks to family families who have died, sharing problems and losing people and local authorities.

As we aim, in the coming days, flooding may be complex, large landslide risk, floods, healthy floods, floods in the southern media, Prime Minister The People in the Khanh Hoa area and other parts of the South Central department focusing on & # 39; managing the response and increasing water and flood effects; Installing the research of people who need, and # 39; Repairing wounded, visiting, and & # 39; move and help families who are influencing, burying the dead; housing, food, food, and not suffering people; Examine and review areas that are dependent on landslide and healthy floods to actively solve and disable their / moving the population to ensure safety; Traffic management in areas that are dependent on landslide, deep floods, water that is capable of flooding. flowing rapidly, especially through the underground land, which affects flooding; The investigation and operation of the water of hydrological dams and hydropower water; Give a good impact on landslide events, and ensure that traffic is smooth on national roads; At the same time, the armies, resources and essential materials must be ready to influence the effects of water and flood quickly, and support places where necessary.

The Weather Meteorology and Hydro-Electric Center said that now there are tropical dementia working from the Philippines. It is expected to have Palawan (Philippines) to be between 21 and 22 November, and enter the southern end of Jane's sea. When you start into the NEF, it becomes intense and does not stop the number 9 tephoon in South China Sea, severe wind can reach 9, level 10.

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