Her wife is a girlfriend. Feelings turned into a controversial-Young wedding day

Tuesday, 19 February, 2019 08:01 AM (GMT + 7)

It should be, during a happy day to life, that his wife must be happy and happy, but apparently she seemed to be unhappy and she did not; feel anything.

The most important day of marriage is a day of life and everyone is happy, happy and laughing. However, for some reason, a wife in China is not comfortable with her own wedding.

According to the skipper being circulated on social networks, a wedding was held on 10 February in Baile Chukou, Henan District, China. His wife's pink, red-embroidered wedding dress was carried by a man to a car that was converted to an outside park; gateway. However, the bride's way on controversy on social networks.

His wife is unfit to change the day of controversial marriage - 1

The bride was decorated with a navy to build a convertible build.

So the weather was on a very cold wedding, even snow. Relatives see that the bed also had to spend thick shirts, and # 39; bent under bad weather. So the family of the girls decided to take a & # 39; a thick blanket to go round, warm for the bride's wife. This soft red is one of the things the girl gives to the wife to take her husband home according to traditional customs.

It is the responsibility of the people that the boys are taken to the converted, but the expression on the front of the wedding is very difficult to understand. It did not show pleasure or feeling in a day to get married, but it was not completely emotional. The photographer noticed the difference of the bride's wife, and she asked if she was upset but the family members refused it.

His wife is unfit to change the day of controversial marriage - 2

The appearance of the bride face looks controversial.

After the tidy was to be filled on social networking, some websites did not think they did not. wife was happy but he did not love her lover. In one day the weather was so cold, his son's house again rebuked to raise his daughter, despite the health of the girl.

"The bride does not have any feeling because she's been frozen," "It's hard to smile when it's too cold," "I'm sorry for the wife because I need to spend thin clothes in the weather "…, websites will make ideas.

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