His Congress passed the Law against Corruption and seven other laws

On the last day of the sixth session, the 14th National Assembly will deliver 8 large laws, including the Criminal Law (enhanced) Law.

According to the program last week of the sixth session, the National Assembly still has 1.5 weeks before its closure, with many content such as the Criminal Court Enforcement Court, 8 bills, 1 resolution. .

Debate for Legal Action

At the beginning of the working week (19/11 morning), the National Assembly considered the hall on the criminal justice (enhanced) law project. Minister of Public Security Tolin explained the views of the representatives of the National Assembly.

Discussion in the afternoon of 11/11 about this content, some delegates believed about the rules for prisoners of staff outside of; prison.

In particular, Ho Duc Phuc (Nghe An), a recommendation from the State Inspector examined the "prison term" to emphasize the importance of a camp; prison and sent to small crimes. , more susceptible to society's risk.

The festival through Luat Phong and 7 other shows 1

Transport & # 39; Discussion in the hall on the Law project regarding the Implementation of Criminal Matters (amended). (Photograph: L.H)

In this regard, Tolin Public Security Minister said this is a new case. "We noted the views of the National Assembly and we will learn," he said.

Advocate pointed out a prominent point, Chairman of the Committee, Judge, Le Thi Nga said that in some countries the administrator has submitted an administration, but we will allow time to go. Prison is usually preceding three times to tell humanity and the solution to most people who try to promote well outside.

The Chairman of the Judge Committee of the National Assembly recommends that the State's Study of Vietnam should be able to; Investigating the proposals for "jail".

8 agreed bills

According to the agenda, on the same day (19/11), the National Assembly passed the law: Special (Amendment) Amendment, Culture; Law on Animal Work; Vietnam Coast Guard; Law changes and contributes to some of the legal articles on Higher Education law.

The festival through Luat Phong and 7 other shows 2

Representatives will be pressed to & # 39; voting ballot by 8 important laws. (Picture: Quan Minh)

On November 20, the National Assembly passed the law to improve and add to the Laws in relation to planning; Escort and & # 39; corruption (enhanced); Police Persons (amended).

In the second half of the morning, the National Assembly held a closed session with what is the intention of the sixth session of the National Assembly of XIV. Including expanding its & # 39; deadline for the implementation of 30/2016 / QH14 Purpose on the performance of an electronic policeman pilot for foreigners to come to Vietnam.

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