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1. Law on Anti-corrosion (modified): The rules on asset management and income from irregular exposures have not been devolved as well

Before voting against corruption (change) law, the National Assembly (NA) missionaries heard the National Assembly's Justice Committee today announces the definition report on his / her; basis Take the MP's comments at the debate session on the draft law.

Amazingly, the solutions to asset handling, income improves unreasonably unreasonably unreasonably, along with many ideas proposed by the National Assembly (BP) and # 39; held as current law, There are also comments on NA rulers on the handling options during the review process, at its address at & # 39; court or tax collection.

In this regard, the National Assembly's Sustainable Committee (UBC) stated that it was a new case in the management of property, income and original inappropriate definition, For this type of property , income. Although the assets and income of people, charters and civil servants are created from many different sources, the State has not controlled the income of the society as a whole and is not law to tax situation. with the building, are marked reassignment In terms of the result of its property, more revenue for taxation or recall is a very complex case.

On the other hand, this is a big case, related to the rights of the fundamental rights of citizens under the Constitution that should be considered with great concern. Therefore, the National Assembly's Sustainable Committee recommended not to add to the rules on the " asset management, income and inappropriate explanations of origin in the draft law, which meet the current law. So, if the body is able to prove that the premises are contaminated, can be devolved or reimbursed according to the appropriate law; If they appear tax signage, they will be treated in accordance with tax law provisions. At the same time, Article 31 of the draft law added to the provisions in relation to the transfer of issues which, Demonstration of disclosure signs found in the financial control process and income for potential groups for adjustments to reinforce their handling. For this type of property, income.

Polling result through the Law on Anti Corrosion (enhanced). Photograph: Trinh Quoc Dung.

In addition, it is anti-corruption in the non-state sector, for public companies, "backdrop" businesses, private enterprises that are linked to public sector goods procurement. The draft law also has specific provisions for change.

After hearing the Report on the definition, adoption and review of the draft Criminal Law (amended), the National Assembly voted to open the draft law with 452/465 representatives, accounting for 93, 20% of the total number of members of the National Assembly.

Therefore, the Law on Serious Crime (Amendment) was formally adopted at the sixth session of the National XIV Assembly with 10 chapters, 96 articles on the prevention and detection of corruption; To treat corruption and other actions that break the legislation on the prevention and crime of corruption.

The Law for Combating Communication and Leave (enhanced) will be implemented from July 1, 2019, and # 39; replacing the law in relation to Serious Crime and Communication.

2. Law has changed and developed 37 laws related to planning: Maintaining rules on general planning of cities run fairly centrally under the Law on Urban Planning

Before giving a vote, the National Assembly has heard that the National Assembly's Sustainability Committee is present at the report that is being published; explain, accept and write; Developing and developing the draft law; Contribute to the related legal provisions to plan according to their views. National Assembly.

In particular, on the changes and the changes to the Laws: Water, land, biodiversity, construction, urban planning facilities are reviewed in the draft law.

In particular, before some ideas suggest that the general plan content of their home within central government does not; engage with the departmental planning content and in accordance with the Law on Planning, the proposed review and careful consideration. The centrally located city situation does not have an important planning tool.

The Sustainable Committee of the National Assembly sees that, indeed, the cities that are run centrally are the role of regional and country development, with the density of urban growth and urban growth, a number of major investment investment. In the meantime, the Population Committees in cities are planned on the creation of key urban plans and agreed by their Prime Minister as the basis for the management and investment of urban development . Therefore, the planning, evaluation and agreement of general planning in accordance with the Law on Urban Planning will ensure that these urban areas are efficiently developed, consistent and equally. For this reason, the Sustainable Committee of the National Assembly, Sustainable Committee of the National Assembly, liked the National Assembly to preserve rules on the general planning of cities run under the Law on Design Urban.

In addition, according to the Law on Design, departmental planning is also based in the centrally run towns. Therefore, the relationship between two main plans must be clarified in the same way to alter the structure of this urban space, avoiding cover, rubbish and compromise in content between the two plans; Ensuring the efficient use of resources in implementation; In order to meet the management, construction and urban development requirements, suited to the practical settings of large-scale cities.

Therefore, in Section 3, Article 29 of the draft law (alters and adds to the item, Clàs 1, Article 18 of Urban Planning Law), adds to the following:

A) General planning will be made for urban, urban, urban centers and urban centers.

The centralized and centrally-run urban planning of regional divisions established in cities is run nationally on a spatial organization, systems of technical infrastructure, primary jobs, social structure and residential homes for centrally run cities. "

Voting results through the Enhanced Law, 37 additional provision related to planning. Photograph: Trinh Quoc Dung.

In addition, to ensure that the unity and unity of the legal system, the feasibility of the implementation of the Design Law in action, and to meet the requirements of state control, the Sustainability Committee of Seán National; Recommend The National Assembly will add to the rules that are related to the list of plans that are included in national plans, regional planning and regional planning regarding the draft version of this session .

After listening to the report, explain, & # 39; accept and review the draft law to develop and Contributing to 37 planning related laws, the National Assembly agreed to the # 39; bill and accept the draft law with representatives 418/463. The number of electors in the National Assembly is 86.19%.

As a result, there are 31 articles in the Law on Change and Increase 37 laws relating to official planning taken at the sixth session of the 14th National Assembly, which will come into effect from 1 January 2019, at the same time. Point with the Design Law to create consistency.

3. Public Police Law (amended): The law does not control its & # 39; principle of the use, regulations and policies of the commune police force

Before a vote, the National Assembly has heard that the National Assembly's Sustainability Committee is present at the report that defines, accepting and reviewing the law on the People's Police (amended) on the basis of ideas from National Assembly parliamentarians.

Amazingly, in the revised content according to receiving comments from the UN rulers, before the recommendation, an assessment must be carried out on the & # 39; Exceptional effect, to use a formal Road Traffic Policy; An Comunn, to ensure the settlement and policies. , organize staff, conditions of relevant foundations, feasibility, effectiveness, harmony and vocabulary to meet security requirements and a high order order after urban and town policing regulations. Other suggestions should be put in place before implementing a pilot in the country.

This case was reported by the National Assembly's Sustainability Committee for the National Assembly. Therefore, the Commune Building, a regular town, needs to have a roadway to ensure that there is potential, efficiency and compatibility with the work. In order to implement a Party Policy on the upgrade and reorganization of the political system organizing tool in a simple, effective and effective manner; Make sure that the staff, materials, regular policing of the committee policing, towns. The Law Reform has been designated to formulate the Commune, Town (Item 2, Article 17) and Interim Provisions (Article 46) Building to ensure the implementation and implementation timetable. For the part-time police forces, they will continue to use them to carry out their work to ensure security and high order order so that human resources can not be lost on site. However, to ensure the feasibility, efficiency and suitability of the situation, the draft Only confers the principle of the use, regulations and policies for the part-time police force. , the project and the program and the implementation of policing plans will be given training and format of use.

Regular police proposals should not be set up in 1,100 border entities to save resources, rather than actions that interfere with the forces. The Sustainable Committee NA found that each force had its own actions and actions as ordered by law. Police policing regulations, towns aimed at improving the quality and effectiveness of the work. On the other hand, by the implementation of Section 4, Article 16 of the current Order of the People's Council, the Ministry of Public Security has moved to unofficial officers and officers to hold and hold Commune Police titles be valued effectively, contract in implementation. Therefore, the National Assembly's Sustainable Committee recommended that the National Assembly maintain the provisions of the draft law.

Polling result came through the People's Police Law (amended). Photograph: Trinh Quoc Dung.

For some ideas about the establishment of stations and police stations; Some ideas suggesting the impact assessment, the need to establish police stations and stations, clear areas, actions and actions to avoid being able to; join the police, police station, station and border. room.

In this regard, the National Assembly's Sustainability Committee reports as follows: establishment of police stations and independent units organized in specific areas (for example, business parks, residential areas …) From the CAND law 2005 so far. According to the review and evaluation of the Ministry of Public Security, the establishment of these units to meet practical requirements, work effectively, according to the machinery and characteristics of each department and area, not a "Coincident" Commune Police Force and other forces. The provisions of the draft law will also ensure that there is flexibility when there are complex situations in security and order at all times and in each particular area. Therefore, the National Assembly's Sustainable Committee recommended that the National Assembly maintain the provisions of the draft law.

After listening to the Report on the interpretation, adoption and review of the draft law on the security of persons (amended), the National Assembly voted on the draft law with representatives of 416/464 present, representing 85, 77 % of the total number of electors.

Therefore, the revised Public Security Act (PPP) adopted at the sixth session of the 14th National Assembly, with seven chapters of 46 articles, will be implemented from July 1, 2019, a & # 39; Replacement of Public Security Law Number 73/2014 / QH13 (issued November 27, 2014).

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