History of Vietnamese and Philippines teams at the AFF Cup


The total football history of the Philippines can be divided into two separate parts: before and after 2010. By 2010, the Philippines do not use nature policy and are one of the most vulnerable players . the world. And from 2010 onwards, when the Philippines began to use natural players, they were one of the brilliant men at the East Asian football.

At the AFF Cup, Vietnam and Philippines met four times, they won twice twice. And the conclusions between the Vietnam team and the Philippines can be divided into two parts, before and after 2010.

By 2010, the Philippines team meets their Philippines; Get that time easily, including the impact of the AFF Cup 2002.

The game between Vietnam and Philippines is in the same AFF Cup

The game between Vietnam and Philippines is in the same AFF Cup

At the same time, Vietnamese football is moving, Le Huynh Duc is the only survivor of the "golden generation" in the late 1990s, the shoulder of his " try many new and new faces. His first team team for a big competition. But Vietnam's team still hit the 4-0 Philippines, with two hits of Huynh Duc and Huynh Hong Son's two goals.

It was not until eight years later that both sides met at the AFF Cup, and the Vietnam team was amazed to see the Philippines. putting their meat involved in a national policy for players born in Europe.

Vietnam's Calisto team lost in 2010 as the 0-2 defense defense of the Philippines at My Dinh Stadium. Phil Younghusband, a skipper of the Philippine current team, is one of the leading accomplishments of the Philippines.

In 2012, the Vietnam team is full of confidence for regret but they lost 0-1 of the Rajamangala Stadium Philippines in Bangkok (Thailand). It is also the league that Phan Thanh Hung coach team put out in the first round (one of two times we did not exceed the level of the group).

Until 2014, when the Vietnam team came together with the Miura coach, we are new for the first time since 2010, and # 39; over the Philippines at the AFF Cup.

At that time, My Dinh won a Miura 3-1 team. The aims of the Hoang Thinh home team, Vu Minh Tuan and Thanh Luong.

For the fifth meeting, the Philippines and Vietnam team went for their The first time was distributed in the final, after four previous meetings only at the level of the organization.

History against Vietnam team and Philippines at the AFF Cup

In 2002, Vietnam – the Philippines: 4-1

In 2010, Vietnam – the Philippines: 0-2

2012, Vietnam – Philippines: 0-1

2014, Vietnam – Philippines: 3-1


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