"Hong Kong good" is a desirable love to maintain beauty

Tuesday, 11/20/2018 03:41 AM (GMT + 7)

Commenting on Maggie Cheung, people will Think of the amazing beauty of a cinema in Hong Kong.

& # 39; Hong Kong people are brilliant to love your desires to keep their beauty - 1

"Size Number 1 Port Port Aromatic" Maggie Cheung.

Love is boosted

She won the Asian Hong Kong Miss in 1983.

First, enter the advertisement business, remembering the innocent beauty, in the middle of the year she & she; to take care of people with the beauty of singing, full of charm.

After reaching the top of his position, Maggie Cheung pulled out of her & # 39; entertaining business to spend time with self and other mental health. As well as the beauty, career, love of beautiful people, people are also very interested. Ever involved in marketing hands 3 full of marketing: Carina Lau – Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung. It is believed that Liu-Luong is the cause of division. But after he had been working together for a while, Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung also regretted. At the age of 54, she was married to French director Olivier Assayas and 10 love issues.

& # 39; Hong Kong people are brilliant to love your desires to keep their beauty - 3

The beauty of East Asia with a few western coasts mixed to make Maggie Cheung very passionate.

Until now, Maggie Cheung's beauty is still unknown in the past. She is also one of the beauty that says it's not a plastic surgery. "Plastic surgeon is highly regarded. Many people who do not think about botox prevention. Cheese surgery should be used consistently"Maggie Cheung said.

The Americans, they added, like other women, she was expecting to try to get into warriors. She said:Everyone is fascinating and they have to be very hard to face. I was in the same setting but finally decided to natural beauty. "

& # 39; Hong Kong people are brilliant to love your desires to keep their beauty - 4

The author of Maggie Cheung is in a lively and non-manifested publication. birth.

It's a mystery to get to & # 39; This young, young, beauty is to be relaxed in love and not to love her. birth. "I do not think that love is a # 39; keeping up your looks. However, the mind when love makes you happy and who looks beautiful when they are happy. So love is also beneficial here. "

Even in one department, Maggie Cheung remarkably said:If chosen, I will still prioritize love in my life. "

& # 39; The brilliant Hong Kong people love to deserve their beauty - 5

Her beauty at the age of 54 Maggie Cheung has been somewhat de-modified but still says that he is not completely.

Although it was very dry through the history of his love, but Maggie Cheung did not have children. Because she says that the child will cause the woman to go to her; He gives a lot of work, especially on her beauty and she is not happy enough to welcome her. children.

The secret of the beauty of Cheung Guan "Hong Kong once" that forgets age. It is not important and considered.It does not matter if you do the work you love, every day you're going to do is nothing, your idea does not have 20 or 40."

At one time it was thought to have been "Hong Kong No. 1" in Maggie Cheung. With its beautiful beauty, the Asian beauty of the East, the beautiful beauty of Zhang was successful in Hong Kong's first Hong Kong TVB held in 1983.

With its beauty, talent and information, so the way into the American entertainment industry in 1964 is so wide and wide. She made a strong idea through the films such as: East, East, West, Evil, Confederate Brother, Police Story …


As a person who is also self-motivated and hard-working with beauty, Wen Bich Ha does not want to have children because of an ugly and willing fear.

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