How do other objections be expressed?

The purpose of their complaints is to make administrative decisions; The purpose of the complaint is illegal behavior.

Claims and fundamental rights complaints of citizens registered in the 2013 Constitution.

The following basic points have different complaints and complaints

– Concept:

The objections of the request from citizens, organizations, organizations or officials and public workers to organizations, organizations and individuals are able to review the administrative decisions and administrative functions of the state management bodies. , of competent people in state administration agencies, competent people in state management agencies or public service control decisions when they have reasons to believe that such decisions or actions are non- legal. laws, breach of legal rights and interests (Clause 1, Article 2 of Legal Complaints 2011).

He says that individuals inform organizations, organizations and individuals about the law that is going on; breach of any group, organization or individual's actions that cause harm or threatening to harm their interests. State Benefits, legitimate rights and interests of organizations, organizations and individuals (1, Article 2 of the 2018 Call of Title).

– Subjects that exercise rights:

Citizens, agencies and complaints groups have the right to; and there are no private objections only.

– The purpose of its complaints is to make administrative decisions, administrative actions and control decisions.

The thing that eliminates a lawsuit is a lawsuit regarding any organization, organization or individual.

– Rights and duties of execution implications:

They can make their own or authorize objections to other complaints by potential groups to resolve complaints and can withdraw complaints. The complainant has the right to appeal to the second time or to send a lawsuit to his / her. Court when it agrees to resolve the decision to resolve the complaint without having a reason to believe that the complaint is not in accordance with the law.

Representatives can not authorize others to personally express a law breach in respect of any state-control body; they may not be able to cancel deletions and their & # 39; take responsibility for the law to express what they are saying. Only inquiries can be made when there are reasons to believe that the behavior arrangement with the organizations, groups or individuals is not able to comply with the law or the prescribed time is not fixed .

– Dominion:

Action groups or people who are able to resolve complaints are for the first time organizations that have a " carry out administrative activities or people who have made administrative decisions. If the complainant agrees to the decision to resolve the & # 39; complaint for the first time or the date for its & # 39; complaint can be resolved, the complaint can put a second complaint to the senior leader. make decisions on the first time or a & # 39; Starting the administration lawsuits at the courts.

What authority does the state governing body have the authority to resolve solutions under the work of that group? If a governmental body of the State has been lost but is not subject to the jurisdiction of its organization, the application will be forwarded to a & # 39; A competent group for arranging and informing the reporter.

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