How does a Friday shopping festival continue?

Black Friday is one of the biggest and most busy shops in the United States year, which will take place on the third Friday of November. Black Friday is now in & # 39; spread all over the world. , it became a large festival of shops with a series of discounted prices, which attracts a large number of customers to the shopping centers and in the last few years, both online stores.

Here are pictures of Black Friday in countries such as Spain, Canada, Britain … and also the "Black Friday" versions of countries, according to Business Insider.

Black Friday is considered to be one of the largest postal cards and deepest elimination in the US.

It is considered that this is the biggest retail day of the year. This day is often linked to strong dimensions and people who deliver the trading centers.

In recent years, many retailers have begun to use online sales for Black Friday, and # 39; Most try to attract customers to their stores after a Thanksgiving night (Thursday, Tuesday). November) by launching things with the "shock" stir season.

Black Friday has been so fond of being converted into culture, even in many countries without holidays for Thanksgiving …

… as Spain.

Spaniards like Zara and Mango said up to 35 per cent in the Black Friday week of 2017 compared to an earlier year.

Black Friday is also a big day in Brazil. Users try to & # 39; buy discount software such as today's TVs.

Although it's not on Black Friday, El Buen Fin (The Weekend Good) meals will be at the same time. However, El Buen Fin's prices are not as big as Black Friday. Some sellers just 50% mitigate.

Amazon has taken the Black Friday to the UK in 2010. It has become one of the largest shopping events in the country.

UK sources start to & # 39; Promoting Black Friday's business in November. As in the United States, UK lawmakers host a wild competition to buy cheap things on the day. Here.

In 2014, a number of shops throughout the UK were called to police when a free hunting on Black Friday became a "small riot."

When Black Friday came to grow more and more, a day was gone; box will take place after Christmas. 2015 – it's still a big day in the UK. In 2015, the Britons spent around $ 4.8 billion on Bogsay Day, while & # 39; Black Friday was $ 2.6 billion.

Unlike Black Friday, Boxes Day is a national holiday in Britain, Canada, Australia, and South Africa and elsewhere that are historically linked to Britain.

On this day, people are out of work and going to the address to buy concessionary goods.

Such photographs are similar to Black Friday in the USA. On Boxes Day, the British prefers a shop than an online shop. Despite this, online shops are becoming better today.

In India, customers tend to find Amazon discounts on Black Friday. In particular, electric electronics is one of their favorite items.

However, only Black Friday in India was only a customer attraction online, liked the shop. This country's main shopping festival is the Diwali light festival.

This festival is also a major business event with partners.

People who buy a & # 39; Most of the first day (Altress) of the festival.

Thousands would pour down Indian streets for clothing, buying jewelery … diminished. Ann, many will buy gold and money today by going to & # 39; buying jewelry, food, mirror in gold, money in the festival Diwali is thought to have a good luck.

It is expected that an Indian export, driven by Amazon and Flipkart from Walmart, will generate $ 3 billion in just five days from the Diwali festival. This figure is small compared to the $ 8 billion in online revenue on Black Friday and the last time in the USA last year.

As India, Chinese retailers do not discount on Black Friday. Instead, the Chinese Singles Day festival will be held on Singles Day, which took place on November 11th.

This event was launched in 2009 to & # 39; Alibaba embroidery company, Jack Ma.

So far, this is the world's largest online shopping event, which surpasses Black Friday in revenue. In 2016, Alibaba's revenue is now 18 billion for money and increases it to almost 31 billion dollars this year.

In addition to Alibaba, other online retailers like also discounted 70% on Singles Day.

Alibaba is also planning to expand in a new retail, so Singles Day in China can be in the last few years that may occur in the "chaotic" atmosphere like Black Friday at the stores in America.

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