How to check the number of networkwriters when you move network numbers

Monday 11/18/2018 10:05 AM (GMT + 7)

Since November 16, 2018, the three main companies, including MobiFone, Viettel and VinaPhone have officially provided a network service to maintain the number of supporters, and bring many benefits to practice.

A fixed number point service is only available for postpaid supporters. However, most users can not worry beyond the phone number in the network directory, which leads to more telephone charges.

At this time only MobiFone is a corresponding answer to & # 39; message to help users analyze the network. Instead of a message, the Vietnam Telecom application was developed by the Telecommunications Department (MIC) to be able to inspect subscription information at any time.

First, download and install the Vietnam Telecom app for your phone at (Android) or (iOS).

How to check the number of network supporters - 1

First, select a look back, enter the phone number in the blank box, and then click Check, the application will promptly retrieve information, & # 39; including a new network, status and network (if available). ).

I hope with these suggestions, that you can decide on the number of supporters to the network, from which the appropriate phone number or password must be used to communicate with friends, except for the cost use.

Capacity number: How many sub-writers leave the old network?

Many supporters have left the home network to move to another network and still keep the phone number.

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