In 2019, Vietnam will start a 5G technology test

In 2019, Vietnam will start a 5G technology test, and then turn to it; launches official trade with other countries in the world by 2020.

At the recent "Innovation of Vietnam" conference, the Information and Communications Minister, Nguyen Manh Hung, said Vietnam would be in 2019; testing a 5G network. By 2020, when the world begins to use 5G, & # 39; Vietnam is the first country to be in; using this technology.

"5G technology is coming, this is the opportunity for Vietnam to change our ratings." To change the rating, we need to be ahead of us, not to Guides the country in the first place in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The Ministry of Information and Communications recommends 5G frequencies for exams from 2019 to 2020, when the world is in a position; using 5G, and Vietnam is a? The first country that uses 5G, "said Nguyen Manh Hung.

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Mr Nguyen Manh Hung, Minister for Information and Communications, said this will be a major change in the country's electronic business.

According to Hung, the 5G network is the most important infrastructure of 4.0 outputs. Vietnam wants to manage this issue, the 5G network needs to progress and progress. Not only is 5G an opportunity for connecting services, an opportunity to change Vietnam telecommunications levels, but also an opportunity to develop a ICT industry in the countryside.

According to the Minister, not only is this an opportunity for connecting services, a flat-rate telecommunication level but also an opportunity to develop a tele-communications and IT business. With the huge demand for networking equipment and in particular major final equipment, the necessary need for network security, security and demand for the entire market will create an unfinished market. for Vietnamese technology companies.

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In 2019, Vietnam will start a 5G technology test.

Deputy Department of the Freight Department (Information and Communications Ministry), Le Van Tuan, said his ministry would be a " permits 5G usage, including the granting of band width, and & # 39; Provide more bandwidth to businesses, Build a broadband network and connect 5G stations.

Cao Duc Phat, deputy head of the department of the economic affairs department, stressed that information technology is considered a infrastructure, the 5G spin web is 4.0 out of date.

The 5G network will create speed and consistency for handheld, and # 39; Expresses a distance between fixed and wireless broadband speed, as well as launching a wave of new technologies and new applications. Can solve the relationship problems at any time, anywhere, and attach things.

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