Interesting billions every year giving thanks to dietians who are very familiar with her. Vietnam. Entrepreneurial start

Although he is poor but now, ten people have ten people.

Interesting billions every year giving thanks to dietians who are very familiar with her. Vietnam

A 28 year old Baden, a native Chinese who was originally from a bad background. Born and raised in a remote country. Ten years ago, with his hard work and determination, Bang Tu had graduated from the University of Chongqing and a coal mining industry was approved. After two years of difficulty, the youngest assistant at his & # 39; company with an annual salary of 700,000 yuan (2.4 billion).

That wage is a dream for many people. But with rich wealth and suffering from poverty care, Bang Tu's aim is not to be done; stop there. He is not willing to remain in salary work, Bang Tu wants to take control of his life and at the same time be able to take time to be close and look after his parents who is getting older. He decided to bring his dream home back home.

Ban Tu Tuu is selling the legs of a hen stole

As a student, Bang Tu has been through extra work such as clockworkers and coffee shop staff. Not only does those jobs deliver their money for life and research, but also help it to; Collecting many experiences on the way that starts business. Later on, when he was a helper in a coal business, Bang Tu was aware that he needed his own way. So, the desire to start the business of the town itself is to becoming increasingly intense.

After many days and evenings, Ban-Vih had built a store that was selling hen harriers in the Tam Hiep Square. Although it is only a small business, but with a very special and affordable restaurant taste, Bang Bang shops are not always buying their shopping. This resource raised an interest of up to 100,000 yuan (350 million dong), equivalent to billions of dollars each year.

Bang Tu alongside his shop

Now, Bang Tu has a stable income base and it always gives time to care for the parents. That's what he always wants youth years with hard work in life. Commenting on the decision to start a business, Bang Tu said that this was the right decision. He had a freedom to have his own life without continuing his / her; weight led by the general director.

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