It is not a professional company of C50 in the CNC

Today (November 20), following a question to the defendant Phan Van Vinh, the Panel holds his / her. questioning the accused Nguyen Thanh Hoa, who was a director of C50.

Submit in a & # 39; court Nguyen Thanh Hoa said he met Nguyen Van Duong at the Temple festival. At that time, Nguyen Thanh Hoa was only aware that Nguyen Van Duong was very similar to the Nam Dinh Police Director. Hoa defender said he had no personal conflict with Yang.

I appreciate it

For being prosecuted Phan Van Vinh, Nguyen Thanh Hoa said that it is clear, crucial, thinking, trying to do it; has been the breach of many major criminal cases.

Main events: The cnc is not the image of the company
Phan Van Vinh's defender

"I respect him," he stopped Hoa when he was in a position; talk about Phan Van Vinh.

Regarding the relationship with Mr Hoang Xuan Phung, Nguyen Huy Luc, defendant Nguyen Thanh Hoa said he had previously worked with the defendant at the General Department of Police; Protected by the person directly investigated many corruption issues. When Hoa was prosecuted to hold the Office of Criminal Crime Criminal Division (C50), Mr Phung – Luc declared that the accused would continue.

According to defendant Nguyen Thanh Hoa: the accused person was appointed as Director in 2009; Specific actions according to the Results 450 are issued early in 2010 with 9 functions, the CEO responsible for the C50.

Against the question: "Who did Yang establish CNC?" Nguyen Thanh Hoa said, "This is a long case for me to explain."

According to the defendant Hoa: After I was given to the Department, the number of people at that time was 30, a new unit at the General Department of the Police, without machinery, without relationship, or routes built. legal. Until year 5, only 5 items were written in the law of high tech crime prevention law.

Tasks 9 on the C50 have to establish a professional face company because it has been busy several times before the CNC was born, the person still defends his / her; fails to fail.

Mr Nguyen Thanh Hoa continued to say: After a while, I met Mr Vinh, Mr Duong at 40 Hang Bai, and Vinh told me about Duong, who is here. UDIC makes its construction but very enthusiastic, I understand the technology and I do; tell me to submit to the Department of General for approval from the establishment of the # 39; the company that was presented to Duong.

I went to the unit meeting and I met again, and the head of staff advised me to find out the laws and units created by his company. "But then, that's secretly inside that without any special guidance, which is a company and firm that needs to have money even though it is not.

Nguyen Thanh Hoa, who was a director of the Crime Division and Communications C50, said he was the person who signed the report on the establishment of his company. Next Post In the statement, C50 contributed 20% of the capital into the professional company and contributed its partners. Following an agreement from a leadership level on the establishment of professional companies, C50 and CNC signed the understanding memorandum, C50 contributed 20% of the capital to the CNC Company and contributed its partners. But after the decision of the General Director of Phan Van Vinh Police has established CNC Company as a professional company, the C50 found that it was impossible to give 20% as originally planned. So Mr Hoa told Nguyen Van Duong and told Mr Phan Van Vinh. According to Mr Hoa, the C50 does not capitalize the CNC to its; Understand that a CNC professional company is not a CNC but only a normal company.


The CNC is a professional company

Mr Hoa explains why "C50 does not send a written statement about the completion of a collaboration with CNC Company as a result of a lack of capital" because of C50, that is because he was negligent because invalid documents were not provided. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed at the time. "Since CNC and C50 have signed a memorandum of agreement to find their case, will the C50 share the CNC's profits?" Mr Hoa says that no. I also told the Nguyen Van Duong defender that we did not (C50) cooperated with the CNC Company more. LAXX identified the Yang Ocean defender, which recommended the Panel to review the defendant's statement in the case file, as the defendant does not say this.

high status: not the cnc image of its company 2
Protecting Nguyen Thanh Hoa

A definition that is not a "professional company of C50 in the CNC but who still continues to report to Q50?" Mr Hoa, a CNC company, worked in the field led by Q50, the CNC must report to C50 as usual, because the report is in control C50. "Tell me Mr Duong, a CNC company that operates under the Enterprise Act and a legal responsibility, which is not C50's guidance, and the management of CNC work separately. We do not use the CNC company but when we carry out professional steps, the C50 does not constantly give advice to the company to do their will , "said Hoa.

Regarding the relationship of C50 with CNC, Mr Hoa said, "I am the most accountable in the CNC. And I confirmed in the document that he signed up, Co-ordinator C50 with CNC Company for professional jobs. signing any document that shows that the CNC is a C50 company. "

The CNC company and the VTC Online company signed a contract name to cooperate with a pay gate for the Rikvip game post without permission, Mr Hoa said, I was told by C50 staff. However, at that time, the law was not ruled, without permission to work lawsuit. And I did not receive a report from the General Staff Office about how CNC's & # 39; cooperate with VTC Online to organize a gaming. Here, I also said Mr Vinh was a senior person. For CNC companies not allowed permission, Mr Hoa said that the Ministry of Information and Communications Inspectorate has authority to monitor and control the rules and regulations.

Mr Hoa said that when the CNC company has had a lot of organizations, but noting to C50 the CNC has been successful. C50 also did not receive the letter; people can express genealogy with CNC and VTC Online Company. So C50 does not have a base to deal with CNC battles.

The court chairman will explain his subordinates to his & # 39; research group. The presentation, Mr Hoa, ordered the sub-committees to report to the Public Security Ministry about the CNC company and VTC Online payroll to pay Rikvip game permit. His publishers found that he was not right and he said again, he took hold and said "to know what you say."

His constitution is that Mr Hoa's leadership is wrong, but as Mr Hoa is a direct director, he is not willing to listen. "I am fully responsible for the two installments of Rikvip and 23Zdo working without permission," he said. "I do not crack my subcategories because they follow the instructions."

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