It's Black Friday 2018 a day in Vietnam: Do you know how to hunt?

In the world, Sunday Also known as "Black Friday" on the first Friday after Thanksgiving (most of the day-to-day vacations held in the United States and Canada). When October's Thanksgiving collapsed for its fourth visit in November, Black Friday will take place on 23-29 November.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32st US President, was stressed to turn the Thanksgiving Day from the last Thursday to his fifth time. Wednesday in November, with the aim of expanding the Christmas season.

Due to the time when the restaurant season is over, people are spending more, and the economy is in crisis and it gets the necessary support "- that is the idea of ​​birth Black Friday Changing Changing Thanksgiving was formalized in 1941, but Black Friday's concept was not last year for about ten years later.

It's Black Friday 2018 a day in Vietnam: Do you know how to hunt?
In the world, thousands of people will be struggling to buy big leakage items on Black Friday in 2017

According to other sources, Black Friday came from Philadelphia's American big city. In the 1950s, it was said that local police used this term to report on the sixth day after Thanksgiving as it was a "difficult day" for them, due to the number of shops raised Problems to the town from the suburbs.

In English, there are two terms that describe the state of the situation; business: "black" and "red" (business loss). Previously, to distinguish both sides of the business and are suitable for book keeping, accountants often use black ink to write profits and red ink to the loss be recorded. Since then, the biggest shops day of the year was named Black Friday, which means that this is the day the business has done. For Americans, it is considered that this is an "gold day".

On Black Friday, in most countries around the world, Most retailers open around 4m or earlier, with tens of thousands of fashion, furniture, interior, … 30-40% discount, even dropping up to 60-80 %.

So on a dark Friday, there were thousands of people who fought, hit at major shops and shops to get a big deal.

In Vietnam, Black Friday has begun to attract Vietnam users since 2013. In recent years many businesses have begun to increase Black Friday. However, these mitigation programs are largely organized by individual businesses, not nationally as in the United States.

It's Black Friday 2018 a day in Vietnam: Do you know how to hunt?
In Vietnam, shops need to close for a while due to the crash, and # 39; giving too many hospitals

On Black Friday, scenes also appeared in Vietnam to compete in order to buy things with great leakage. So, some of the sources are multiplied, a "broken battle" must also close the host or open the door to go to the shop.

This year, the Black Friday of 2018 will be on its fourth Friday, November. fall on 23/11. So many fashion homes, electronics, household appliances, furnishings … have promoted a huge increase.

In particular, these inspirational programs were not only in one day but also spent a week. This is a song, on Black Friday the day the items are being applied to the most stressful program for the moment.

Another special feature, in the last few years, after Black Friday, Friday online is also organized by the Department of E-Commerce and Economics (Ministry of Industry and Trade) with thousands of things to be mitigated. A Friday online will be set on the first Friday of December and this year will come on 6 December, the day after two black weeks of Friday.


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