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Lamborghini launches real SUV Urus ST-X Concept

Lamborghini Squadra Corse has launched a "Warriors" racist with the name Urus ST-X Concept and "tremendous" power "up to 650 horses.

In the 2017 Finals World Cup framework, the designer of the Lamborghini Squadra Corsear has been published by Urus ST-X's case. This is the first ever-transferable SUV ever developed in history.


This car is specially designed to provide a service to a new Car Racing car that has been added to this vehicle, and bringing together racks agreed by FIA and roadside races.

The new version called "Lamborghini" comes and drives "will be launched in Europe and in the Middle East in 2020. At the races, a complete package will be issued by drivers including vehicle and essential support throughout the race.


According to the manufacturer, the designs of Urus ST-X were designed by engineers to perform their best performance and is fitted with the FIA ​​compatible safety features, such as cabinets set by cabin. Steel extra protection framework for the strict expansion of the vehicle flow, fire protection system and FT3 fuel tank. In addition, the weight of the car has also been reduced by 25% compared to an adult Austin.

Outside, the Ultus compact communication Urus ST-X is a & # 39; attracts a long star coaching with his painting outside Verde Mantis, along with some of the special features of his carbon fiber and carbon footprint racing car.


In addition, the head of the toolbar with a large air carrier is to cool the dual-turbo V8 dual-4.0-liter device, which is a. creating 650 horses and the highest boiler of 850Nm. A replacement gear box replaced the Urus ST-X for the route.


In the back, the Urus ST-X supercar is equipped with thin tail tail, tail pipes, twisted pipes with new seagrass design, a 21-inch thickness wheel Made with high Pirelli tires. Urus ST-X Concept participates in the 2006 Lamborghini World boundaries.



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