Legionary Newspaper: Vietnam Vietnam & AFF Cup because Korea will host the World Cup & # 39;

It's a sporting event in the AFF Cup 2018 that's not just the one that's going to. attracts attention in South East Asia but attracts general interest. The newspapers are always looking at its & # 39; Park Se Seo Park coach, since becoming a team of Vietnamese team coach.

Hani (Korea) has recently said that the situation of the AFF Cup in Vietnam is not different from South Korea's performance when the team played in the World Cup. Employer support for a Japanese Seung team in the Vietnam AFF 2018 Cup qualifies in Korea at World Cup. This is a result of what HLV Park is expecting, which Vietnam helped to; winning the second place in No 23 of the Asian and 4th place in the 2016 ASI this year. The Vietnam team is under the auspices of a coach park on the establishment of the AFF Cup goal 2018 concert, the final tournament lasting 10 years ago.

"In just eight days, this Park Hang Vietnam helped to defeat Laos 3-0 and hit Malaysia 2-0, and started the AFF Cup re-play when they won continuous games. My Dinh , collect Vietnam fans to identify their effects by dancing and singing in lively music, even even motorcycles and Cars used to play the curtain. This celebration – explained the newspapers in South Korea.

When a support person built a photo of this Park Hang, fans gathered and he listened to his coach name in Vietnam. They also stated that they were " Hunter portrait hunting with a Coach Park statue.

In addition, the young games also launched the motorcycle on the street with the national flag forward and they shouted "Vietnam Concert".

In TP. Ho Chi Minh City, thousands of miles gathered on roads where a large screen was set up, to motivate the team and identify its impact.

Live coverage of many restaurants, restaurants and beer hotels for Vietnam's games so that fans can watch. They started to empower the team quickly.

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