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Let's love to "sleep with a daughter", the girl gets a bloody interest – A young friend

Tuesday, 12 February, 2019 16:52 PM (GMT + 7)

Two married couple, Ngoc Quyen went to "You want so far" to help.

Bring her sweetheart

The beautiful girl at "Want to date" appeared number 460

Silly girls are in love and are what they get from bitter love. Mar Ngoc Quyen – girlfriend appeared at "You want so far" No. 460 (published on 10 February), as her lover was too passive, but she found many disadvantages.

Ngoc Quyen (age 21, acne worker, Kien Giang town) is a fairy girl, with a beautiful face, a high body. She got two things. His first love broke off & # 39; and that her lover was criticized as "a poorly sold girl in the café". The second thing lasted for two years because her lover was too bad.

Sending a sweetheart who is

Both Ngoc Quyen's love ended

Ngoc Quyen, a robot, sadly angry, was an honorary brother who was struggling just because she had not yet explained an unexplained situation.

Ngoc Quyen's boyfriend tells him he is "sleeping with girls" but is willing to pardon. Occasionally, by bringing his sweetheart to cow he still made mistakes, finally, due to his patience, decided to break up Ngoc Quyen.

From the pain of love in the meantime Ngoc Quyen is a & # 39; drawing on a blood lesson. To "You want a date to go ahead", she wants to find a partner who is not violent, wants to show her lover and not "give up". Quyen also said she was a jealous girl, just her find out that her lover sends a message to another girl forever; scrapped.

Bring her sweetheart

She is willing to pardon her lover "to sleep with her daughters" but the love is still incomplete

Bring her sweetheart

Due to the pain in the past, Ngọc Quyên was loved by angry men

Ngoc Quyen gets a game for the "good couple" – Nguyen Hai Dang, 27 years old; age, from Tien Giang, electric and construction worker. He looks beautiful and has many talents like cooking, working hard at home.

Hai Dang is particularly disgusting to liars. He wants to find a girl who is 1m58 or more, hardworking and especially honest. Hai Dang and Ngoc Quyen received enthusiastic support from both families.

Looking together on the stage "You want to go on a date," Hai Dang praised her beautiful beauty of the girl. The man said that Ngoc Quyen is more beautiful and more foolish than he was thinking.

Bring her sweetheart

Ngoc Quyen gets a game for a beautiful man

Bring her sweetheart

Both decided to click on their data button

Ngoc Quyen also said that Hai Dang is tall, adult and especially suited to her age. A couple were happy to go to; Share a data plan, even a way to manage money and children if they happen to "divide a house" after that.

Hai Dang said that he is a person who likes to do things but is not happy to speak. He wanted to replace sweet words to confirm his lover with real activity later.

Hit it to Ngoc Quyen to click on the data button. She kept her hands, asking for permission from families in both sides to find out each other.

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