Lift floor, thousands of billions of pocket

On Black Friday – Black Friday, although the price "fell to the floor" up to 40-80%, but venture revenue has increased by billions, along with the profits they have won after a dark Friday.

Black Friday: Hundreds of people fight for concessionary television

Battle of the Black Friday & Missing guests' closure, sneeze into the hole

Unfortunately buying

In recent years, Black Friday has become an object all over the world. Not only in America, Black Friday has spread to many countries in the world, including Vietnam. So, when it comes to Black Friday, people will think of two phrases in a moment: "super discount" and "people are silent".

It is not difficult to explain when you're on Black Friday, most sales systems are open from about 4m or earlier, with thousands of thousands of discounted items. Leakage rates come from 10-30%, even 60% for the sale of lots of freight.

Some sources also offer 80-90% discount for some early journeys or for regular items such as electronics, refrigeration, household appliances, furniture, fashion, etc. Many business owners who allow workers to work as a holiday offer to enter.

Black Fact Friday: Liquidated floor reduction, thousands of billions of pocket
Black Friday, people often break up to buy discounted items

This is due to its pretty dark program on Tuesday every year, people often See scenes of people who sell wildlife, even a review of things to buy big leaks.

Indeed, on Black Friday in recent years, in European countries and in the United States, many people within 20 hours, even a millet board, first set up paws to make them Get the product. electricity.

Especially, in Brazil, hundreds of people were struggling to buy concessionary television. In order to end the riot, the staff needed to use the trumpet to destroy the population.

At the same time, in Vietnam, the streets are full of people, including the sea's customers on Black Friday in the malls. There are also high points, many fashion boutiques, bags, shoes, … the "broken battle" situation, they need to shorten closure to limit visitors.

Online retailers at this time also need to work full potential, all night to order customer service online.

Some consumers said they cost ten million, just a few hundred million to buy advertising items on Black Friday.

Income was up to a billion dollars

With Black Friday Global Black Friday shopping solution, every sale will create new jobs in each country. For example, in the United States, where Black Friday began in 2017, Adobe Analytics announced that $ 5.03 billion was sold in Black Friday sales, up 16.9 percent from $ 4.3 billion. by 2016.

Not only was Cyber ​​Monday ever? affected on Black Friday the next day. In 2017, Cyber ​​Monday introduced US $ 6.6 billion, an increase of 16.5% in 2016.

Black Fact Friday: Liquidated floor reduction, thousands of billions of pocket
Despite the enormous price reduction, the brands remain profitable when revenue is invalid. up to a billion dollars

According to the Black Friday Global estimates of Black Friday 2017, US users, Canada and Ukraine take advantage of the Black Friday event – in these countries, the average discount on online stores Friday. November last 68%, 66% and 66% respectively. Russia (58%), Brazil (57%) and Turkey (56%). The average for the world is 55%.

National Wholesale Federation (National Retail Federation) statistics, sales prices in the last 10 years have risen today. Rarely the money is running so strong as Black Friday. So, in 2015, about two million people spent on Black Friday.

With much money, after the year that has risen more than last year, it is considered that Black Friday is a gold opportunity for "money" businesses.

In Vietnam, there are no specific statistics on the merchant's trade on Black Friday. However, a number of fashion companies, with the help of customers, said this sales event helped sell their sales several times compared to weekdays.

With its main location for the purchase of goods from abroad, every Black Friday, earn one hundred million just by standing out to order guests.

According to economist, Online online in Vietnam, although only online sales scale, but still collected over 1.2 billion last year. Although Black Friday is much larger, it's sure to sell ten times on Friday Online.

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Hanoi full selection set for Black Friday "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Hanoi full selection for Black Friday

Thousands of people shop in shops, fashion shops … on Black Friday. The stores are full, surrounded for payment, and the street is banned.

Recruiting, selling white shoes: black black night that earns 100 million "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Fast food for sale: God Dhubh's night will earn 100 million

At Black Friday, she does not sleep for 3 hours, even & # 39; And to stay up all night, eat, drink water and go to the toilet, many hiring times must be due to time.

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