According to experts, many banks (NH) will simultaneously send messages to move capital to meet a major demand for credit at the end of the year.

Thousands of billions move

The Vietnam Development Bank (BIDV) has agreed to distribute 400,000 bands to move 4 trillion dong, and the maximum term of 7 years at 3 trillion dong and the maximum ten years VND1 trillion. Bannan issued in November-December to Vietnamese groups and individuals and foreign and individual organizations, including credit institutions, foreign bank branches and subsidiary companies of Credit Institutions.

Capital generated from a 2018 bond issue is used by BIDV to increase its operating capital to meet the VND loan application for medium-term and long-term projects this year. In particular, BIDV capital use plans have been moved from construction loans, heavy industry, light industry and services. Previously, the Vietnam State State (BIDV) has agreed to allow BIDV to move up to VND20,000 billion It has been agreed to provide a bond this year.

Bank to give bonds - Picture 1.

BIDV has agreed to give the public 400,000 bannings to move 4 trillion dong Photograph: TAN THANH

The Vietnam Commercial Stock Exchange Bank (Vietcombank) successfully completed more than VND550 billion by delivering individual bonds with a value worth of VND100,000 per band. Vietcombank bonds are sold for a term of 6 years and will be 7.4% per annum.

VietinBank is another major partner, who successfully completed the second connection in 2018, and builds VND450 billion with a fixed interest rate of 6% pa for a two-year term. In July -1818, VietinBank also collected more than VND2,435 billion from the public; offering bands for 10 years, smooth rates temporarily.

Many other banks also choose to fund the medium-term and long-term funding through a & # 39; giving bandages to the public. The HCMC Development Bank (HDBank) also helped thousands of billions through this channel. Following a successful distribution of VND5,000 billion in the middle of the year, HDBank will continue to move VND1,000 billion in private placement bonds, with three years of digitization; age. The capital helped move with its bank to increase its operating capital, in particular long-term and long-term capital to meet the demand of its & market and campaigns.

From the beginning of the year, the number of valuable papers issued with the International Share Stock Bank (VIB) was about VND 6,000 billion, and VND 5,000 billion was awarded for 3 years. The bank is also expected to give $ 200 million in an international bond or equivalent to 4.5 trillion dong.

Han Ngoc Vu, General Director of VIB, said the bank is expected to provide a 25% -26% credit line for the whole year. At the same time, VIB will undertake the Basel 2. Basel level to meet each safety index, and # 39; including capital housing equity (CAR), a proportion of short-term assets to medium and long-term loans … But, so far, a credit limit has not been a break. and the international connection market will be unfavorable and so the bank will return this plan at a more appropriate time.

"The profit and commitment of shareholder procurement to store most of the profits to re-invest in the capital increase for VIB also causes the NHB to return its plan for interconnected bonds, give a national contribution to maximizing the profit of 1,100 billion dollars from the 2018 profit, "said Vu.

Do not worry about balanced levels

Nguyen Hoang Minh, a former director of the HCM City City State Bank, according to the regulations, said that short-term loans to medium and long-term loans would be reduced to 40% from the beginning of 2019 to bring benefits to balance , restructuring of capital sources. Many banks have a lower level of capital movement lower than the level of credit from the beginning of the year to date, which also emphasized the importance of providing bills for more extra. For more central and long-term loan, one of the options is connected.

A huge shift of long-term and long-term capital through the band's channel has created a focus to increase the level of interest in the future? Dr. Can Van Luc, the chief economist of BIDV, investigates banking & Providing partnership to address the needs of bank slabs, especially at the end of the year. Medals also receive medium and long-term assets to support bananas to meet capital housing equity.

However, the recent spread of NH awards does not affect many levels of interest. Medium and long-term interest rates have moved slightly but are temporary and are only in a few banks, not just market.

"With the energy energy level, the NH system needs to continue with the Government, without raising interest rates and trying to maintain the level of benefit levels, and thus affect on the NH system profit. "Banks need plans to reduce costs, change their service, increase the income instead of raising levels of interest," said Dr Van Van Luke

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