Liu Pyongyang producer made mistakes incorrect

Earlier, on the morning of October 31, to speak at her & her; conference, Liu Pyongyang used the right to repay for the Public Security Minister, who "criticized" a serious breach of the "scrutiny body".

Representatives gave a series of figures to support their ideas, as the unparalleled rate of 94%, late submission of their & # 39; decision to program 86%, a & # 39; surrender 99.76% Harassment in 100% service

"I see that this is a real case. I recommend that the Minister for Public Security should give the brothers a tough opinion in the survey group in this area, "said Liu Pyongyan.

At the questionnaire on November 1, President Liu Pyongyang and Colonel Nguyen Huu Cau – Director of the local police officer Ngu An – continue to have a " Hard debate in the hall on the number of delegates to show "Exceptional research group".

On November 20, Liu Pyongyang's representative group, in addition to the debate between Taiwan's production and production, Secretary General of the National Assembly Nguyen Huu Phuc "The statement is incorrect. Because the number of letters left to prove if 84/87 is very tall. But there is truth 84 / over 120,000 letters, "said Puc.

Mr Nguyen Hanh Phuc at the National Assembly's news conference

Mr Nguyen Hanh Phuc at the National Assembly's news conference

Mr Puc said that the National Assembly also presented two representatives to the question of the session to make an exchange together to clarify the & # 39; case. The Ministry of Public Security also sent documents to the National Assembly's representative body.

"Here, then, a Working Party group also debates Liu Pyongyang's representative to clarify that content. Liu Pyongyang's representative overseas," said Nguyen Hanh Phuc.

According to Nguyen Hanh Phuc, a member of the National Assembly is Liu Pyong. "If it is not just today, the Minister for Public Security just responds. But the Minister for Security did not respond to his Public, but two leaders stayed to argue each other," Phuc said.

Mr Puc said the questioning principle was to question a question about the Government's membership. A member of the Government is responsible for responding to National Assembly parliamentarians. Members of the National Assembly will argue each other only when they are; Discussion of issues related to bills and important socio-economic issues.

"The representatives argued with each other, and then responded to their Minister," said General Secretary Nguyen Hanh Phuc.

The text was related to the Public Security Ministry Party Committee, when the National Assembly Party Party, Direct Board of Appeals to hold a meeting involving the people involved and representing Liu Pyongyang to clarify the data. the show.

"The parties discussed and explained exactly what data was made by the Pyongyang marriage party," said Nguyen Hanh Phuc.

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