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Park Hang-this is not a successful player at the moment. Coach Hang-this is the most exciting time he played as a sub-door when he played for the Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso (now FC Seoul) at K.League from 1984 to 1988. Total 99 games and squares 15 visits . This Hang Park is proud of being the best team in the K.League season in 1985.

What is most remembered about a Park is bloody and stimulating when playing on the field. Wild Hang-this is a huge interest and a wild controversy. Despite small corporate construction, the Park seems to have a quick, flexible, innovative, and powerful approach to a relatively short degree of detail. In addition, he was hardworking and enthusiastic for learning.

Hang coach started professionally after graduating from college. Interestingly, the student's strategy was specializing in plant remedies, not to be related to sport.

Looking back at the poisonous and rare infectious images of this Hang Park - Picture 1.

The park office was linked to Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso Club (now FC Seoul). He plays in the middle of the field and he is always a & n; behavior of Àir. 12.

Looking back on the rare and poisonous images of the bloody Park Hang-here - Picture 2.

This is the most common icon of Hang-seo Park. It was not high but the blood was not enough. Even ready to use "president" like this referee.

The NHM is still often seeing a wild response to & # 39; Park outside its game boundaries when the player is punished, but the opponent is not correct.

Due to the left building, Park Hang coach-here is also on recording such records. In fact, there was a great deal.

The way to mark that day is not different.

Before arriving in Vietnam, Park Hang-this was not always remembered as a Guss Hiddink assistant in Korea at the 2002 World Cup.

Looking back at the rare and poisonous images of the bloody Park Hang-here - Picture 7.

However, all this changed when he agreed to work in Vietnam. The continent of the continent has been a great success in making Hang-Park this idol in the heart of S.

Looking back to the rare and rare topography of this Hang-park Park - Picture 8.

On 20/11, we want to be an honorary professor of Vietnamese football getting more health and well-being; getting much more successful in the future. It is the 2018 AFF Cup broadcasting.

Looking back at the rare and poisonous images of the bloody Park Hang-here - Picture 9.

This Hang-coach used a "start-up" as Zinédine Zidane to make a complaint to the referee.

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