Luong Gia Huy was cleared by Ngoc Son

King & Music & # 39; giving respect to the person who honored him as the teacher on a weekend news conference.

Luong Gia Huy is one of the students welcomed by Ngoc Son singles and helping to sing and live. Last weekend when the male singer released a news conference about living Taiyuan in my heart In Hanoi, Ngoc Son suddenly revealed his congratulations to students without warning. Speaking to the Ngoc Son feeling, Luong Gia Huy went to his knees to get flowers from the teacher. He acknowledged that Ngoc is very talented, talented. Looking and & # 39; Speaking to singing men, he learned many things about how they should live, how he will deal with it.

Luong Gia Huy's knees for getting flowers from the teacher Ngoc Son.

Luong Gia Huy's knees for getting flowers from the teacher Ngoc Son.

Ngoc Son said he had a timetable for running the show but due to salary, he asked the organizer to cancel the program to go to his student news conference. "It's a big day for me and it's worth money but I can not buy feelings, I'm a teacher, I'm a tough man, I have three things that I want to teach: a piety boundary I do not go to school, I'm not going to school, I'm glad because my students have become famous, "said the singer.

Luong Gia Huy duet alongside Ngoc Son

Ngoc Son would sing & # 39; A lonely moon & # 39; with two students Luong Gia Huy, Duy Cuong

In the animations Taiyuan in my heart of Luong Gia Huy on December 7th in Naiyen Thai town, Ngoc Son participates as a guest. The male singer said that the textbook will have to arrange air tickets and add 50 million of money to it. But he refused the cattle: "I said Huy" Oh baby, I'll give you, I give you, I bought the master ticket to travel with you. "Indeed, when I went home, I continued to give money to my mother, the day before I had traveled to Hanoi, there were 4 million VNDs, and there was not enough money to buy tickets. "It's not my money in my estate but the feeling of the great family."

The singer was greatly heard when Ngoc Son did not get the money in his life. "data-natural-h =" 432 "data-natural-width =" 680 "src =" 1542600570.jpg

The singer was greatly heard when Ngoc Son did not get the money in his life.

At a news conference, the artist Thanh Thanh Hien also appeared to appear with the "North Comedy King" Xuan Hinh and Luong Gia Huy in comedy. This is the gift she wants to give the youngsters & as well as Thai Nguyen listeners – where she was born and Luong Gia Huy was raised. He gave her a long time to urge Xuan Hinh to go to the show.

"Not only is Huy's live show, but also many other shows, to invite Xuan Hinh very hard. I'm pretty close to Hinh but also it's hard to get. Huy, I need persuaded Hinh in a different way. He was born in Nguyen Thai but he went 10 years to Saigon and went in. After so many years away from home, he returned Huy is going to play a live concert as a public warning, this is something that everyone can not do, including and I have been talking to it. It is proven to be sweet, without hesitation, "said Thanh Thanh Hien.

In addition to Ngoc Son, Xuan Hinh, Thanh Thanh Hien, animated Luong Gia Huy, other artists such as Tuan Hung, Hoang Chau, Duong Ngoc Thai, Chau Khai Phong, idle Bolero 2018 Duy Cuong, Che Phong .. . During a concert, Luong Gia Huy was planning to go to, Play about 30 songs related to the success of 15 years of singing.

Thanh Thanh Hien is also hosted on the show on December 7 in Thai Nguyen. :

The artist Thanh Thanh Hien is also hosting the Luong Gia Huy exhibition in Thai Nguyen on December 7th.

Luong Gia Huy was born in Thai Nguyen. When he was 10 years old, he disappeared for Saigon. The male singer said that he was working full time enough with his desire to make money throughout the day. "How can a woman, I can do it, anyone can do anything I can do. By using marketing, go away the streets of Saigon. attack them, "he said.

The male-born artist began to support her mother – comedy Kim Ngoc. She was sung at the drum scene. When he left his first record, his mother, Hoai Linh, who supported the United States for $ 3,000 for making material even though he did not know who he was.

For 15 years of singing, Luong Gia Huy has released 15 records. The king's name is called & # 39; to him when he covers the music hall of the dance hall You are so beautiful, eyes and bills, flowers have a hair conditionIt has also hit some of the most spectacular viewers of the west Do you understand my heart, Small, Where are you in love, 50% LoveNowadays, he has two friends in HCM City, a house in Nguyen Thai and plans to buy more houses in Hanoi.

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