Make the Black Pink MV number: Jennie "shame", Jisoo reason …

During his two-year career, Black Pink released all six songs: "Boombayah", "Whistle", "Playing With Fire", "Fuirich", and "As it is for you yesterday." Especially "DDU-DU DDU-DU". Although Yang's playgroup produces irregular square materials, the song is a hit. In addition to quality songs, all members of the group also received good attention in the MV. Recently, the subject's fans gave time to the image of the four girls for "dissected" on the forums. The total data from 6 MVs surprises agents.

What are all members of Black Pink in "BOOMBAYAH".

What are all members of Black Pink in "Whistle".

Which Pink Pink members are in "Playing With Fire".

For all Pink Pink members in "Fan".

As long as Pink member's member looks like "How It Is Your Expectation".

Which Pink Pink members are in "DDU-DU DDU-DU".

From that, it is seen that Lisa is the most recent member in the majority of the MV of the group (3/6). This made the internet a big surprise when everyone thought that Jennie should have this situation, when she thought that the biggest MP members were to # 39; there. In addition, since Jennie has many interesting sections, the spirit was so cool, as strong as people thought Jennie was the biggest.

Lisa was the one who got the largest images in half of the Black Pink MVs, not just Jennie's thinking.

If Lisa overcomes the bulk of the wave, Jisoo is a least. Many fans from the "YG" diary have a sense of chios for idols. Although Jisoo does not have a good voice, idol girls have idol at the top of Kpop. Is YG lost on the beautiful face of the chicks when Jisoo is not a smallest member of the Black Pink video?

Many people are overwhelmingly confused, saying that YG shares their time fairly, and Jisoo is not so incapable of being the same with the minimum broadcasting time.

Jisoo is always fever as he plays on the stage, but the one that will appear in at least the Black Pink MV.

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