Mạnh Quân: & #;; Thu Quynh a & # 39; I guessed in hot sights & # 39;

The actor said she was scared to press, her & # 39; deceived the emotional scenes with Thu Quynh in Quynh & Dolls.

– What is the reason why you decided to return to the TV series such as Kien in Quynh doll & # 39; After a long time going to sitcom?

– When I read the script What to do, I understand that this is a lot of land. I do not know how many people post me, just saying that this is a very difficult job. Initially, I thought Kien was very simple, just an invasion without a person. However, the director, Mai Hong Phong, wanted to build on this character despite & # 39; that status must still be. It is a problem for drugs to maintain a distributor status something that I can not think.

How the Kien is inside What to doI think I've only done 50-60% of what the director asked. I feel that I did not insert it on its # 39; character and I'm not satisfied with what I have shown. I was very familiar with the way in which the voice is, and the sitcom phrase has not been able to understand the way of the drama.

Mạnh Quân at the Mummy news conference, where you are on 29/10.

Mạnh Quan at his press conference, & # 39; Mom, where are you? & # 39; Air 29 October.

– What is your opinion? The director of Mai Hong Phong before he performs the film?

– Phong's uncle sent my memory regularly. For me, it's not too bad. I would like to thank you for constantly reminding me, if there is no one to do with me; Tell me what I need or not good, I will never be good. Every time I moved away from the character, you brought me back. That's what makes it so lucky that every director does not change as much as such an actor.

– What do you think about how hard & # 39; is the director of Hong Kong to play?

– I'm not tired of the hardness of the Director of Hong Kong Phong. I am the person who is always trying to get the best things we got; despite the weight. The first time it was made What to doI lost sleep at night because I thought back to what I was doing every day and I realized I did not; doing well. I often thought, "Well, I should have been doing better this time. Why would that happen?" After that, I realized that I needed to know more about what I was willing to do and before throwing everything, I needed to know myself and think about psychology characters. When I can not sleep, I play the script again for a & # 39; think. The movie helps to & # 39; Tragic thinking of their character.

– In the film, he has romantic views by Thu Quynh. What do you see when you work?

– His first time was; I've got a very hot Thu Quynh that makes me feel frightened. Fortunately, Phong has been managing the unexpected view. and Thu Quynh is also a professional actress, who is always open to show me how to relieve me.

Manh Quan and Thu Quynh in the Quynh dolls.

Manh Quan and Thu Quynh in the Quynh & Dolls

– What makes it feel embarrassing when you go; getting involved in hot scenes despite having long been a long time career?

– I have a family. First of all, I was so sorry that my business was broken, a great deal was going.

– How do you work for your wife before entering these scenes?

– I told my wife about the job as well as doing hot scenes. My husband said to me, "No matter what you are interested in this post or not.

– Why is he still afraid of Thu Quynh?

– When I first worked with each other, I was scared that my acting could be thinking you're going to; worrying you. I'm scared that I have understood me, without fear of a jealous lady. Fong often tells me, "You do not have to be willing, just what the character needs to be done in that section." Thu Quynh is also the person who works, exchange and talk to make it comfortable. Thanks to that, I can relieve my enjoyment and feel comfortable in hot scenes.

I have a vision and Thu Quynh where they both put forward, feeling emotions so loud and there was only one other step … (expressed) but Phong did not marry . At that time, we changed to address the & # 39; wall and we said together "Why did not the leader put a cut?" The director seems to be too happy to look (laughter).

I will review Thu Quynh as a professional actor who will always putting his feelings forward and interacting very well with his co-stars. Quynh is the main person, guide me in the hot vision. During its performance, she was very skilled, often a gives more information from the script to make his character more attractive. Sometimes, Quynh often lets me exchange so the two brothers can combine together the good things for the movie and interact well, and, affecting the larger vision.

– What did your wife say when I watched her husband's "hot" scenes on television?

– – After What to do On the air, my wife became a supporter of this film. She looked from the beginning to the end, into the movie tour. However, my wife did not pay attention to Canh and Lan Cave. She often asked me if Canh was dead and she was responsible for & # 39; play characters such as Lann. Every time I've got the feelings of Lan to my wife. At times like that, I just sit by the side, draw the paper to give it. When my shoulder is on the air, my wife is always moved, without asking me anything about it. Sometimes I feel quickly and quickly "her husband appears" but said she had "know" and asked him on another subject (smile).

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