Market on lively flowers, prices rose significantly on 20/11

Writing of writers in a number of flower markets in Hanoi as the Tay Tuu flower market, the Me Linh flowers market, the Quang Ba flower market and the new shops in Hanoi, all the prices New flowers are likely to be; Increased in the show from 30 to 50%, even & # 39; and doubled price, are trimmed compared to previous days.

Ms. Nguyen Mai, the flower owner in a flower market at Tuu Tay, has floral prices rose steadily a few days ago, especially flowers, roses, magks.

In particular, commissions will be pushed up to 100-120,000 VND / dozen flowers, flowers prices from 250,000 to 300,000 VND / dozen five cotton, 3 glasses will be sold at 170-220 miles / From 110,000 to 150,000 VND / 5-10 they merry.

At Me Linh's flower market, the roses will be moved up from 80-100 VND / twelve cotton. The price of 250,000 to 300,000 VND / dozen 5 ears, 3 ear ears is sold at 170-220,000 VND / dozen, Dilapia from 110,000 to 150,000 VND / bottom 5-10 fingers.

This year, consumer results are often chosen by many customers as gifts for teachers. At this time, all kinds of shirt, ties, leather belts, bags, long dresses and scarves … with spectacular colors and elegant design are often chosen by gifts as gifts.

Medicines, healthcare, beauty and beauty products. Many brands specially launch gift boxes for November 20, such as shampoo gel – flowers, body plants, shapes … In souvenir shops, cosmetic gift boxes are available; It costs 150,000 – Many parents choose a 200,000 VND / box.

Gifts are made by hand, gifts designed for 20 November are a popular product market. A wooden carving letter is an expert gift but loves many styles and prices. Prices of these materials were between 80 and 150,000 VND.

As the economic situation is still tough, it's likely to choose flowers, gifts and savings also the parent's attention. Floor shop owner in Nguyen Trai Street in Thanh Xuan District said many parents built small bouquets, with 5-6 major paper flowers, exhibitions and flowers. This price was from 80,000 – 180,000.

Thanh Trai, Nguyen Trai's office worker, said: "I've seen many things in today's market and many price options and so it's not too difficult to choose the gifts of teachers at 20/11.

My husband and I were talking about buying a little girl's flower and a set of beauty stuff for my son. In my opinion, it is very polite and practical.

Market of lively flowers, increase prices significantly 20/11 - Picture 1.

New flower pattern, loose by 20/11

Ms Vu Hoa, owner of the Tay Tuu flower garden in Hanoi, said all prices of new flowers tend to rise high in a week ago and traders to collect gardens at high prices.

According to Hoa, the reason for rising weather prices is so high during the weather and it's very difficult, very hard for the wild like us. Water has a direct impact on the development and produce of flowers. At this time, my family has 2 sauces of roses and 3 flowers are harvested in harvest, but due to the effects of weather that is not beautiful flowers, flower is not a rose and a new color.

New flower market every year, close to holidays, a great deal of lack of supply continues to the price of flowers that are available; Increase naturally, with its price; is currently going to lily flour plus her family Ms. Hoa.

According to general traders and flower growers, prices will continue from now until 20 November. Due to sufficient supply, prices may still be considerably rising.

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