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Mbappe was disqualified by CBD, Vietnam U-23 to strengthen Sport

Mbappe expressed "ideas" after scoring the French Derby

PSG player Kylian Mbappe suddenly changed her ideas to mark, after winning the opening ceremony in the 3-1 defeat over Marseille (Di Maria twice) for the help of Ligue directors 1.

With a visit of this kind over, Mbappe suddenly introduced a "side" to a terrible head and bending his head, presumably after a 180,000-euro penalty. punished by Adrien Rabiot) earlier BHL.

This is Mbappe's 25th visit to Ligue 1 and it is also the first time it is clear for the 20-year-old attacker about PSG.

The Mbappe sign with PSG team is even more pronounced for Real Madrid to join in the race to catch the Mbappe signatory. Recently the President, Real Perez and the new Zidane coach, have raised their enthusiasm to hire the best person in the world to the Bernabeu. Shortly after that, PSG Nassir, chairman of Al-Khelaifi, objected to the application, "not 1 billion sold euros Mbappe".

Mbappe kills PSG, Vietnam U-23 moves to strength - shot 1
Vietnam troops have 29 players at the time after having Coach Park Hang-this having fewer than 5 players.

U-23 Vietnam was shortened, removing 5 players

After removing three injuries to the club early on the morning of 18 March, Park Hang-this coach took away five other players before they placed the official V-na-V list into the U-23 stage of preparation. 2020 2020.

So, the striker Tran Duc Nam, midfielder Bui Hoang Viet Anh, midfielder Two Van Toan, Nguyen Vu Tin and Tran Van Buu are the first time players to play the U-23 team. about Vietnam.

There are currently 29 players at U-23 in Vietnam. Apart from the strong names like Quang Hai, Tien Linh, Van Hau and Dinh Trong … the attractions, Mr Tin Thanh Son, Dinh Thanh Binh, Tran Danh Trung … have battle. A friendly mate wins Taiwan 6-1. They need to work harder if they want to be on the official list. Thought to be a reality, on 21 March, U-23 Vietnam will officially be closing a list of 23 players.

The aim of Vietnam U-23 is to win the Scottish League 2020, despite the group level to tackle Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei.

Mbappe kills PSG, Vietnam U-23 moves to strength - snapshot 2
Dominic Thiem defeated Roger Federer, who won first place on Masters 1000 Wells India. PHOTO: AFP

Dominic Thiem Federer dispersed the throne to Indian wells

The Austrian player had a big return, affecting the legend of Roger Federer 4/6; March 6; May 7, for the first time, he won a Masters 1000 competition at Indian Wells.

Earlier in the semifinals, if Thiem found it difficult to find out about Milos Raonic after three centers, "speed speed" lost no flavor to go ahead after Nadal was on his way t but he will get to suffer.

In the competition between two players who use "left hand", Dominic Thiem is more sustainable than the Federer. Despite many mistakes, the Austrian player did not set up the first set, but he suddenly went up in the following two sets. Creating repeat effects, a remarkable victory against the 37-year-old opponent.

With more than two hours of competition, Dominic Thiem condemned not only for the first time to lift the trophy, which also helped him achieve official performances for Roger 4 de Roger's appointment. Position the federer.

In the case of Federer, the second set in a final, found that he was unable to qualify for the title of Best Warrior at Indian Wells. Federer and Djokovic currently have 5 bodies.

Bianca Andreescu, 16, who was 16 years of age, had been affected by the world. 3-6; 6-3, who came to the throne with the Indians.

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