MFF prevent Vietnamese fans to go to; buy Myanmar tickets

MFF will host Vietnamese fans to & # 39; buy Myanmar tickets - Picture 1.

Tick ​​organizers announced for the US team in Thuwunna's game – Photo: Fox Sports

In the news, MFF said: "We would like to announce that 2,400 tickets for the Vietnam team are sold outright.We'd like to recall Vietnam fans Do not buy home ticket from other sources. And, according to advice from the security group, MFF refused to allow Vietnam fans to enter the stadium if they use Myanmar host's team tickets. "

The game will take place between Myanmar and Vietnam on the field Thuwunna capable of 32,000 seats. However, Myanmar's current side still has plenty of tickets. However, due to security concerns, MFF does not allow Vietnam fans to enter the stadium with the host tickets. In this game, the person who wins the final conclusions in the Group A.

VN closed, Myanmar's confidence is openVN closed, Myanmar's confidence is open

TTO – Unlike the national team in Myanmar, a Myanmar team had a training session in the last training session on November 19 to prepare for a VN game in the third round of the group A. AFF Cup 2018 held on the evening of November 20.

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