"MHB" helped its "back home" company to & # 39; damaging 414 billion dollars

MHB will bring money to central users to buy the MHB government bonds and sell them back to MHBS. Bankruptcy brokerage and bond trade has a MHB disease of 349 billion dollars. In addition, MHBS opened personal accounts as a self-propelled account to buy cash resulting in 108 108 billion losses.

On November 19, the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh City opened the test on the " The first example of the Misuse case was the situation and the authority as long as they were; fulfill their responsibility. The liability of the Mekong Delta commercial development bank (MHB, now with BIDV) has been adversely affected.

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The guardians in court.

Making a complaint on the person's complaint; despite Huynh Nam Dung (SN 1956, who chaired MHB Board of Directors, Chairman of MHB Securities-MHB Securities-Based Stock Company) on both offenses.

Procurator Nguyen Phuoc Hoa (SN 1956, General Director of MHB), Lu Thi Thanh Binh (SN 1971, who was General Director of MHBS) and 13 of his exercise.

Identifying the problem, MHB is 91.26% state capital. On 11/8/2006, this bank has decided to establish MHBS, which MHB has a basic partner; including 102 billion, accounting for 60% of recruitment capital.

As Chairman of the Board of Directors of MHB, Huynh Nam Dung represents MHB's involvement in MHBS and is chaired by the Board of Directors, Lu Thi Thanh Binh has been appointed General Director.

Huynh Nam Dung's private defender has given 13.8 billion dong at MHSB, Huynh Thi Minh Tri (Nguyen sister), Nguyen Phuoc Hoa (2.7 billion) and Nguyen Thanh Tin (son of Hoa)

During the period 2008 – 2014, MHBS and MHB included a number of bond, bond and occupational joint agreements.

In 2011, 2012, 2014, MHB VND4,975 billion moved to MHBS for thermal deposits at MHB branches with a different interest and bond investment.

MHBS has used VND3,357 billion to make thermal deposits at MHB's branches to enjoy interest rates over VND45 billion; 1.558 trillion dong used to invest in bands (which used more than 966 billion dollars to sign up the joint trading and trading of government bonds through some inter-American companies, media such as Huy Khanh, Dai Phong Nguyen Company, Econ Plus Company …

Through that transit, MHB gave the money to those companies for sale of the MHB government bundles and then sold them to MHBS. Bankruptcy, trading in this ring has damaged MHB by almost 350 billion. In addition, MHBS opened a personal account as a trading account for securities investment, resulting in another loss of VBD108.3 billion from MHB.

The case was brought before the Ho Chi Minh City Court court but it must return the file to investigate some additional unacceptable issues. After additional checks, the test continued to do its & # 39; defeated 16 defenders for the previously mentioned action, but the damage was reduced (from 457 billion to 414 billion).

In addition, the review process, Mr Bui Sy Hieu (who was the director of the MHB Department of Business) was suspended due to unauthorized reasons Huynh Nam Dung and Nguyen Phuoc Hoa were able to; capitalize with MHBS, not to take part. Alco Council (Asset Management Board).

Hopefully, the test will last this weekend.

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