Moment of terror because the dog "bite, tear" people

Tuesday, 11/20/2018 00:30 AM (GMT + 7)

Amazing dogs with a strong fight struggle are ready to enter the rival, the person and even the owner.

Church Awareness for Duty Dogs & # 34; bite, tire & # 34; people - 1

Many people in the town would have a " Sing together to bring out the stick and hit it on the # 39; Pitbull's dog after biting. Photograph: Nguyen Long.

Recently, a woman (an owner) was aged 30 years old in the village of Ba, township of Ba Lang, Tien Dung commune, Thuong Tin district, Hanoi to cake food Pitbull. At this time, the dog collapsed suddenly to bite the woman. The dog was also hitting one of the neighbors who was aware of the stream being moved. As a result of the event, two were taken to hospital for emergency treatment.

It should be said, this is not the first time the dog is going to; bite to & # 39; bite in hospital. Previously, there are too many cases of dog bugs, even homeowners that mean they're poor.

Cats were killed by a wild dog

Church Awareness for Duty Dogs & # 34; bite, tire & # 34; people - 2

Dogs wounded on the right side of sister C (Photograph: Family and Society)

Ms. is the suffering. Phan Thi C. (age 24, Phu Xuyen, Hanoi). Ms. C. is a doctor working at a private medicine clinic in Phu Tho. On the first day of April, 1818, length & # 39; as he worked, his dog was hitting the dog very ill, a & # 39; bite to the right. After being bite, it's c. First aid, wash the wounds, antiseptic and failure.

After 4 days, the dog died, but Ms C. did not give her a rabbit vaccine as she recognized that the dog died with respiratory respiratory treatment diseases. After that, the female vet started to show a patchy bit and a right shoulder, Bringing out the arm, and this situation continues to spread throughout the bodies, along with the sad feelings of breath, fear of wind, fear of water with its; standard sign in sauces.

On 3 June, C. was transferred to the Invasive Disease Department, Mai Bach Hospital (Hanoi) for emergency treatment. However, on the morning of June 4, 1818, he stopped at the heart of his heart, stopped being scattered and died thereafter.

The 8-month girl was bite by a Tibetan dog clam

On 14 July 1818, a 8-month-old daughter in Doi Can, Hanoi, was taken to the hospital at DucBiet Hospital in the state of a patient, there was no good blood pressure, badly bad badge. blood. Doctors examined, an emergency investigation for the right time time wounds of the girl, the outside of skin breaking, herring the brain, and her. grind many.

The Tibetan is said to have a dog dog causing the bad wounds that cause severe blood loss. Family members said that this clay dog ​​is worth about 40kg. On the morning of July 14, his mother found that the dog was kissing a daughter of 8 months old; going back to rescue, he took the dog out of his lap and put the dog by hand. Shortly after the 8-month-old daughter from the great herd of herdsman, the family gave the doctor to the Viet Nam Duchess' Emergency Hospital. Although he had been defiled, he suffered from losing his blood.

The dog was bored by boys seven years

Church Awareness for Duty Dogs & # 34; bite, tire & # 34; people - 3

Child T. gets medical attention. Picture: Voice Thu

On 1/8/2018, Duc Duc (Hanoi) Hospital received a N.V.T boy (7 years, in Chuong My, Hanoi) into the hospital due to dog bites. A baby's baby bent a dog, cut off part of the right food.

Patients in the hospital are in the condition of the face, wounded, half of the high shirt that is close to the nose, a deep wound at its head; bottom, greatly increasing the size of 2x2cm, with many dog ​​teeth. After that, the doctors cleaned her; print, pressing the property in front, and # 39; part of high food.

Can dogs fight, the dog will be able to fight? bite to death

On 23/8/2018, the Duchess of Relationship Hospital was received by Viet and Mr Rescue (aged 49, living in Thanh Xuan, Hanoi) gave a dog bite. According to the victim's family, Mr. T. used the two dogs to crush the dog and bite each dog back to bite their neck.

After the disaster, Mr T. was taken to the hospital emergency room in a bad state of adverse effects due to blood, a blood pressure and a remote disability, measured by a dog of the world. Although the doctor would be sensitive, but due to serious injury the patient should die.

A 2-year dog is bent with lots of dogs in front

Church Awareness for Duty Dogs & # 34; bite, tire & # 34; people - 4

The hospital will be actively involved in Y. (Photo: Tien Phong)

At 18h50 on 5/10, T.T.H.Y (31 months old, living in Nam Son Commune, Do Luong District, Nghe An) is broken by a home dog. Later on, Y. was brought to Nghe with the wounded obstacle hospital.

Through experiments, the doctor Y. identified many vulnerable wounds at children, and grind a lot in the head, face. The area around the deep eyelids, lost all the bodies. In forehead Y, deep bone damage is there. Then the doctors will be diagnosed and & # 39; Quick copy of print, & # 39; washing a cloth, and a & # 39; puts the head out on the baby Y. After revival, the child was taken home with family care.

There are wedding bulls

The pit will escape from the cage and its; going to the house and neighbor, causing them both to be in hospital.

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