Mr Pham Nhat Vuong "Non-Endless" Speed

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Just like the famous celebrities such as Carlos Slim, Warren Buffett, Donald Trump …, Vuong did not work with computers. President Vingroup has strange habits: all the sub-scripts he has read, must be printed in writing. Desiring to edit, agree to anything, just use a pen on paper. His guide is also written on paper and the clerk writes and writes; email to the place.

Despite this, the pace of work was incredibly fast, and its memory was not different from the computer.

The jet engine that helped the 55,000 workers out of their own, and VelFast, Landmark 81, of Vinpeal Land, of Vinmec's distance, thought and the "computer-free person" , the Royal city … the most lively evidence.

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When the two Show Motor Paris VinFast cars, among the incredible and amazing storms of the world media about the new one, there was a short evaluation but it shows the status and distance of Vuong and Vingroup. Satara Safet wrote in the Top Speed ​​Automobile (USA) magazine: "Initially, the phrase" Cars made by Vietnamese companies "was similar to a comic. No one can believe it. But now it's different."

After General Motors (GM) worked for 37 years, he was Deputy President of Global Manufacturing, managing over 200,000 engineers and engineers at 171 branches in 31 countries. , but James B.DuLuca – the General Director of VinFast – was also surprised as a Satara Safet, when Vuong celebrated speed on KPI.

James B. Deluca and his colleagues are only nine months to fund their first car showcase in Paris, although he has told Vuong that even the main companies of the world will be A & # 39; make a new car, take 36 to 60 months.

Mr Vuong had a big shoe, B. Deluca and his co-workers were forced to wear Usail Bolt's trousers. Deputy Director of the Vinfast Vo Quang Hue, a 25-year-old BMW, a Bosch leader, called this "world record" sprint.

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"It's been to create a product in such a remarkable time." It's just what I know about VinFast – a "miracle" from Vietnam. – The Superstar, David Beckham, said that, when the next Mr Tran Xiao stood and pulled two cars in Paris. After Beckham "to give up his heart" for VinFast, he also received his photo with VinFast on his social network account, over 1,000,000 lost hearts.

"It's a shame to come from Vietnam", it also clicks on the mouse and its # 39; quick and unexpected TV version. It has never been the result of the output sample that reaches a 8 million direct track recorder; 500 million people have access to VinFast from October 2, Of course, this is the distance and the recording is not too long before it is moved, at least in Vietnam.

The Paris Motor Show, which is the VinFast stall, is a leading soldier that is located between the Ferrari and Kia strikes.

VinFast is a newborn, and Kia Motors is 74 years old and Ferrari is 89 years old. Kia is the second largest car dealer in South Korea – a country with rapidly growing car business. important. Ferrari, typically, offers the fastest car racing in the world. Without the speed of the car.

But from now on, these two people can not stop the new VinFast distance.

Unlimited end of Mr Pham Nhat Vuong - Picture 4.

In August 1993, Vuong was over 7th Lada, working in nine hours, passing over 800 km from Moscow to Kharkov. It is a trip that is not long in a kilometer, but graduate students have long been looking to turn into their business life. It is a trip back from town to the north.

Twenty-five years later, Vuong wanted to drive the multi-billion Vingroup, and VinFast traveled much longer. Not only is the distance from Hanoi to Paris (where there is Show Motor Motor), but also the long journey from the pond to the sea, the trip to Vietnam's flagship behavior for her & The first time on a manufacturing industry map. Glossary of Glossary.

Although Ferrari's racing cars are not, but with a BMW-powered device, the largest VinFast drive on the list will also be hundreds of kilometers per hour. But the driver – Pham Nhat Vuong and his assistant – again said they can go much faster than that. That is as soon as there is equality, disappointment, a previous unprecedented vitality of Vietnam on a global gaming.

That speed, which aims to accelerate not only at VinFast, is one of the special features of Vuong and his colleagues.

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In the six key values ​​of Vingroup, the name "Toc" is very important in the success of this private group. This engine was a quick machine, no other, the biller born in 1968.

July 8, 1818, although it was completed with a short listing time in Vietnam's construction, but the 8th largest world-class construction – Landmark 81 – still a billion people Pham Nhat Vuong Slow … Slowly.

Mr Pham Nhat Vuong made a surprising comparison: "In 1931, the United States built a 101 story story for over 450 days. At that time, such technology was built, now the 81-story Vingroup building is more than two years, so it's not fast. "

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Being the Number 1 power to increase, Vuong has shown a desire and a distance decision – Prime Minister VinFast Vo Quang Hue: "Mr Vuong is head of unfinished borders, he always has an impact on the boundaries of the people who work around … Contract is just signed, pushed forward … Every art, wisdom, thinking ever helps them. Teams have to go beyond their borders. "

Despite "progress" to & # 39; headteacher, but in Vietnam, Landmark 81 has overcome the speed limits in construction.

There was no building firm in Vietnam that had previously built up high-quality buildings, but at Landmart 81, Pham Nhat Vuong was delivered freely to a local company: Coteccons.

Consideration of ability to; Coteccons can not compete with the Lotte and Ssangyong contractors from South Korea, since Coteccons is only able to experience and solve solutions from the 60th floor.

But Nguyen Ba Duong, chairman of Coteccons, changed Pham Nhat Vuong on a sudden phone. It was not only that Coteccons made the most beautiful pages of the ability to register, but also helped Vietnam people to record the world's history of the world for its sake. first time.

Unlimited end of Mr Pham Nhat Vuong - Picture 7.

But it is also the most important Coteccons phone, because not only does the contractor carry out the & # 39; Building amazing, but quickly on distance. each in Vietnam's construction history.

Remember, in 2007, after one year of construction, Corrara Keangnam's corporation, the largest investment project in Vietnam at the time – Landmark 72 – opposed the "100 billion bill VND for the public. Delivery on timetable progress ".

However, it is still impossible for a company of almost 60 years to become the largest construction company in Korea. Landmark 72 was not completed after nearly five years ago, almost two years behind.

Building on Landmark 81 has faced many challenges, but they have all overcame: "In the Saigon glass season, the storms are like that, but a lot of 6m thickness of 3m wide is elevated to a very high height, but they still ensure safety . This is a good success in building " – Vuong remembers.

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In Vietnam, speed and quality are often totally divisional. In many cases the quality of a turtle speed is still fragile. When Vingroup comes out, this problem will be resolved. "It can be said that quality and distance (to a particular extent affect each other) but in particular not having a relative. The problem of organizing, controlling, solving difficulties in running it, "Mr Vuong explained.

Mr Vuong also showed to staff how quickly and as well as a "marriage" story together. That's why Vingroup has built five star hotels with almost 1,000 hotel rooms and hotels on the Nha Trang island, half of the island's land, to throw the ground.

But the total time is only 7 months and no-one complained about quality. At the same time, there are only 500 hotels, but they need to be built for 18 to 24 months, and after that they need to be repaired.

Mai Thu Thuy – Human Resources Manager, VinMart Training – describing the story that made her want a long heart rhythm; she was a leader of Vinpearl. In March 2006, journalist Lai Van Sam and editor of the newspaper leader Duong Xuan Nam Pioneer to Vinpeal Land went to explore the Miss Universe center.

"Mr Vuong gave just two journalists to visit the field. When he saw Vuong standing down … he said, with the drink that this place was the collection, the other is the music platform, where the restaurant … Sam and Nam's brother is not just trying to feel, but in the heart "It's just another five months. "

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Not only Mr Sam, Mr Nam worried. Thuy and Vuong subsections also have anxiety about arriving at an extremely intense pressure. But by the end of July, Sam and Nam turned back, they were amazed that everything was in a complete state. At this time, Miss New Organization "dare" on this island has been formally elected for this important final.

Royal City – the most recent urban place in Vietnam – one of the high levels of Vingroup and its identification. This work also has an early start record.

One night, Mr Vuong went to the house of knowledgeers, heard stories about Korean partners who did not want to continue to invest in the Hanoi Mechanical Plant area as a result of many complex issues.

Next morning, Vuong wanted to meet an adviser who worked alongside Europe to negotiate the purchase of his share of the capital. He says that this partner is in Thanh Hoa, Vuong went into the car. After meeting this consultant and being introduced to the head of Hanoi's mechanical company, Mr Vuong returned to Hanoi with the mechanical factory managers in the morning.

At 12 noon on that day, Vuong stayed at his airport to return to Ukraine as recorded. The project started in 24 hours.

Unlimited end of Mr Pham Nhat Vuong - Picture 10.

Mr Nguyen Viet Quang, Deputy Chief Executive and Vingroup Chief also recalls the fascinating stories about the international hospital closing Vinmec hospital. At the start of the hospital, the Minister of Health Nguyen Quoc Trieu and Convener of Hanoi Nguyen The Thao had the same question: Did I hear about the start time? It is difficult to think about a hospital that has never been seen, far beyond the best medical facilities in Vietnam at that time, internationally, except in almost 11 months.

Mr Zhao, Mr Thao and those who attended that day did not hear, wrong. Vinmec was set up 16 days ago.

I can not tell how fast the quality of Vingroup is. Almost all Vingroup senior colleagues, urban areas and high level projects are in the target range.

Unlimited end of Mr Pham Nhat Vuong - Picture 11.

When you show evidence of transport progress working with turtles on investment in Vietnam, many want Vingroup to go to; participate in this area. Seeing & # 39; process, procedures and public opinion were too tough, Vuong was not happy. So far, Vingroup is the only big job to help you to. saving the traffic, the road above from Vinh Tuy bridge to Nga Tu So. And, as usual, Vuong did not accept the delay.

Mr Vuong tried to pay a loss for the route, which was in millions of dollars, because Vingroup agreed to pay more when he asked contractors shorten the construction period from 24 months to 14 months.

"If they work for 14 months, they need to buy 10 other records from Germany. Previously there are showcases, then every 45 days will go to this new convert to another. Now there are 10 rolls in , not all of them take only 4.5 days. I accept the pace to get a faster pace " Vuong said.

Unfinished Luas by Mr Pham Nhat Vuong - Picture 12.

The distance Pham Nhat Vuong, Vingroup, VinFast … has been a source of media information long ago. All the projects, the aims, the aspirations, people on a global scale …, appear at a faster pace, get hot information, and create good waves.

In addition to breaking its & # 39; A member, Vuong has a great sport back with his career at work and thinking: walking freely. There is a fascinating question that Bill Gates would be the day before the bill that was set up: If you see a $ 100 dollar bill; falling on the ground, was "human" without speed as Pham Nhat Vuong went down to pick up?

As the rapidly expanding Vuong property velocity, Vietnam's press has worked out that it is Five-point collection, but every five seconds, Ha Tinh's industrial base has increased by 400. dollars. So, Vuong will not bend.

There was an economic laughter at her & # 39; interesting question: "In my opinion, Vuong also works as other world binders: raised $ 100 bills. Those who collect the tools from both white hands, the fast business opportunity, will leave The money that lies under the road. Casualties are lost, despite the fact that the delay in Vietnam is safer, with its speeds, Vuong's contribution to change. Who adds to the sport: People can take up to 5 seconds to raise money, Vuong may only take two seconds.

Unfinished Luas by Mr Pham Nhat Vuong - Picture 13.

In 2018, Vingou entered 25 years of age and Vuong entered 50, declining the age of his organization. Large people are running in athletics, often going to play; retired in 30-32 years. On October 6, 2015, Vuong has been spiritually prepared for large life campaigns and Vingroup, by changing her "grid" from "Where the nobles come together "to" Spirit began forever ".

In the letter sent to the system, Vuong gave a brief description of the speed factor twice. Vingroup must be "there is no bureaucracy; this is where the speed of processing is faster than the meetings." "Uncertainly, not to accept the work that involves handling, frightening, worrying, slowing. "

Mr Vuong told the Vingroup to 55,000 people, just a few parts slowly, it will not be possible to reach the fastest speed machine. Whoever lives with his / her; Vingroup plumbing mill, he will also be the leader and the reason to overcome his constraints. "Nothing is impossible" is one of the most common statements in Vingroup.

If there is more "person running" in Vietnam by running with it; heart and mind in mind "nothing has been done", the day the country grows in the world's fast race, surely it is closer now

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