Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao: Global considerations but actions need to be & # 39;

CEO Coffee Coffee launched a market strategy in a unique way to have Vietnam's coffee in over 60 countries and land.

Coffee Coffee builds its own strategy for every export market

From the context of Trung Nguyen's Trustee Trustee, Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao is currently the leader of TNI Corporation with the All-Memory King logo. In an early conversation with VnExpress, she first investigated an enthusiastic story with Vietnam's coffee business for over 20 years.

Relationship to coffee from a young age

Le Hoang Diep Thao was born in Pleiku's coffee captain, Gia Lai, who soon discovered the benefits of a coffee that was taken to the hill town. Especially when working at the 1080 menu, Gia Lai post office, it has more and more difficulty in understanding coffee business.

"There were 1080 at that time like Google at the moment, whichever person was thinking, whichever was it, he went out to consult Five years of work there were 80% of the calls related to coffee. We need to be very familiar. About the industry, especially the world's market price, to give people information, "said Thao.

Developing the capacity and opportunities for developing a coffee business in the context of the Vietnam economy has just opened, in 1996, Ms. Thao and Mr. Dang Le Nguyen Vu Trung Nguyen. There are two convincing founders in appropriate new situations, a wealthy area, farming capacity and knowledge as well as their enthusiastic & # 39; is the expensive guide, the success of Trung Nguyen.

Evidence of this belief was found from the ongoing performance of the Trung Nguyen Cofaidh Group and the G7 coffee brand in Vietnam and the international market. G7 has been a leading market coffee factor, 6 factories have a factory, the coffee licensing system has spread throughout the country and around the globe.

Le Hoang Ms. Diep Thao - The Chief Executive of TNI Corporation bought the story about coffee with readers of the New Year VnExpress. "Data-natural-h =" 335 "data-natural-width =" 500 "src ="

Le Hoang Ms. Diep Thao – Chief Executive of TNI Corporation shares the story about coffee with readers VnExpress New Year's Day

Put the way for Vietnam coffee to go to the world

In 2008, the world collapsed in an economic crisis, which posed many challenges for coffee development in Vietnam. Trung Nguyen is "injured" to open his own way when he works on businesses that overseas coffee overseas.

"From the beginning of 2008, I attended more than 200 forums of coffee, seminars and festivals worldwide. At first, many people did not know about Vietnam's coffee, even whether Vietnam was still at war time or not. ", Trung Nguyen's co-founder remembers early days to be in a position; cast out a foreign coffee.

By establishing Trung Nguyen International Company in 2008, there is a clan chief in Singapore, Thao and continue with the G7 brand as well as Trung Nguyen to appear in more than 60 countries and land, Determining the taste, quality and extent of Vietnam's coffee business.

The Vietnam reputation of coffee dropped out and left "beautiful" memory and coffee business on a "common woman". Ms. Thao that someone was moved to tears when he saw Vietnam's coffin of coffee at the first station, Changi Airport (Singapore). They do not think Vietnam's people have a? Opening sources in a so attractive and high class.

With the establishment of King Coffee brand, Ms. Thao is like "embarking on another business" and continue to improve Vietnam's coffee situation in the " international market.

The launch of the US market in October 2016, users here is & # 39; Get a good selection of coffee products King Coffee TNI. Cofi's love has spread rapidly from Vietnam from abroad to native speakers. Afterwards, this logo was well attended in many other countries such as China, Russia, Korea, Australia, Canada, France, Holland, Singapore, Thailand …

Individual strategies for each market

There is no common strategy for all markets, the Chief Executive of the TNI Corporation said. To introduce King's coffee to each country and country, Le Hoang Diep Thao defines a different, different, suitable strategy for the movements, flavors and needs of every local coffee.

"Thinking around the globe, the guidance that is used throughout the company, from myself to the team's staff, is a local action, everyone needs to be a coffee expert and a # 39; use a different strategy that suits each market "school", business companies.

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Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao described a 20-year tour of coffee and beautiful memories when he was seeing Vietnam's coffee all over the world.

For example, in the United States – the fastest market in the world, Ms. Thao is a base for Coffee Coffee here to come to a Vietnamese community abroad, participating in an American music program to attract customers, implement many of the test test programs, and coffee to major supermarket systems. Results King Coffee is present in 19 states with a large Vietnamese community in the country of flowers.

In the largest marketplace in the world, China, the coffee logo set up in 2017, exploiting strong trade growth. Businesses implement many incentives to boost a freight stock of the largest countryside adventure system, Alibaba. After just a week, King Coffee went into the 4 leading foreign coffee companies related to China.

In addition to other markets such as Korea, Singapore, India, Russia, European countries … Ms. Thao has taken on a different development strategy to meet the demand and find a way to raise the situation of King Coffee. and Vietnamese coffee in general.

Different strategies are also shown in how to promote each product line. For example, in European countries such as Italy, France, Holland … eaters like cappuccino, latte, mocha, and in the USA, Korea, the pace of life is faster, people like coffee rooms like spresso, american …

In order to build the right strategy, Ms. Thao has participated in more than 200 workshops and forums all over the world. It's a chance to get in to the best coffee and the most striking messages of every market. Thereafter, the ambitions and ways to get into the markets that follow it will learn to be "always competitors".

A childhood pack also encourages business businesses to get deeper in life; Most people, learn tasting from markets, roads, alleys …

"Wherever I'm going, I'll sort out things and know how to make coffee. Water bags are always full of business and business related things. , "Thao remembered the current normalization of a person. passion for coffee for 20 years.

2019 marked an important growth time with the King Coffee logo when it aimed to open 1,000 shops throughout Vietnam and its location. continue to impact on major markets around the world.

Each market has unique challenges with different flavors, many of the major players in the business, but the specific strategy can get into the market all the time, put a & # 39; Mrs. Thao stressed him. data-natural-h = "333" data-natural-width = "500" src = "

"Each market has a unique challenge with different tastes, many of the major players in the industry, it's just a unique strategy that is going to grow into the market for the time, "Ms Thao stressed him. South Westerly

Establish the foundation for Vietnam's coffee business

As the second largest coffee exports in the world, Vietnam has many abilities to stimulate coffee development and bring large resources into the country. In a passionate conversation VnExpressThe Chief Executive of TNI Corporation also created an appropriate road to build Vietnam's coffee image.

Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao stressed that the problem of cultivating coffee quality is important. Visitors need to be well trained to create quality areas of coffee, eliminate old trees and use higher technical farming methods.

At this time King's coffe has a huge role in a large coffee area in the Highland media, with a capacity of thousands of tonnes a year, and thus making the highest coffee for home and exports .

In order to support farmers, it set up the Happy Farmers Fund to implement programs to give farmers more happiness. She is actively engaged in a coffee business, notably the largest bands in the world, and her; Promote interest and help farmers and sustainable development goals for coffee business.

The TNI Corporation representative was shared: "The biggest demand is to bring Vietnam's flag to the world, to be the same as a competition with multi-national companies in a coffee business ".

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