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Tuesday, 5 February, 2019 17:17 PM (GMT + 7)

With Premier League's first-hand competitions on his / her. board, the chances of getting into the Top 4 of Manchester United are closer.

The last five final goals in the Premier League

Premier League 2018/19 always "hot" after every visit. A strong rise M, together with the unexpected strikes of the 5 players, had to make the ranking of the sites at this time very dramatic.

Have you ever entered the top 4 Premier League levels? - 1

Lean MU has long been successful & # 39; The competitors were just in the Premier League

From the 11-point gap against the fourth place in the 17th visit, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer coach assisted to MU (the 5th place at this point with 48 points), just 2 points away from the aim of Major 4 Premier League . The Norwegian teacher settled his life when he first brought Old Trafford and Manchester United to 7/8 and 7/8; suffered loss.

In addition, the top-level subject discipline helped the solskjaer battle of teachers and students much easier to do; breathe. The top four team lost one game at least in the last 8 matches. Liverpool 1 lost, 2 pulled; Man City 3 lost; Tottenham 2 lost and "it's more generous" than Chelsea (loses 3, drag 1).

There is one question, with the current situation, what will I do? success in main 4? One, two or two trips,

or even ever. With its 2-point space; at the moment, he is sure that the team of Old Trafford and the Solskjaer coach need to be sure when "the banner has reached".

Have you ever entered the top 4 Premier League levels? - 2

Opportunity to be in Main 4 of the English Premier League directly in the 26th round

That opportunity will come straight into the next round of the Premier League 2018/19. On Sunday 26, Mu's will play the eldest and only as host of the fantastic team, Fulham. Ranieri's army is in a poor format (which lasts 4/5 of the game) and is the largest team. (55 visits) too.

At the same time, the team is fourth, Chelsea must face Man City away. If Pep Guardiola and Everton vs. won a match in the 27th round match at 7/2, Man City will be leading the lead before the 26th visit.

So, the commitment to winning the Etihad team is enormous. Pep Guardiola 0-2 teachers and students in the first leg and Manchester City were definitely lost to want to do; Find out what they had lost their gas to win a home. "The Citizen" 13/15 times won the latest warranty in the Premier League.

This is the best opportunity for teachers and Solskjaer coach to reach their first level on their & # 39; top 4. According to the Premier League schedule, I need to face Liverpool and Crystal Palace in the next two days and all Challenges are very tough.

Chelsea was fairly unequivocally when Tottenham had 6 other higher grades in the 28th round, while Arsenal was well-suited with three "bottom" teams: Huddersfield, Southampton and Bournemouth. So, Muhammad must influence Fulham so that he is not just a dream in the main goal.

Record the next 3 of the 3 teams that compete in the 4th place in the & # 39; Premier League (MU, Chelsea, Arsenal)

Team Round 26 Round 27 Round 28
MU Fulham Liverpool Crystal Palace
Chelsea Man City Distribution Tottenham
Arsenal Huddersfield Distribution Bournemouth
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