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Review the 7-1 victory on Vietnam against Myanmar

The game begins.

Myanmar v Vietnam (0-0, 1st half): Van decision back - picture 1

First defender FC, Duy Manh, in & # 39; the 2018 AFF Cup final

Alvaro Silva, formerly a defender of Hanoi, has made a commitment to his team Duy Manh team in the Azsuz Azu 2018 2018 Cup Final 2018. means the Spanish-born player Belief is that there will be benefits from Vietnam and Philippines to earn tickets.

Myanmar vs Vietnam (0-0, first half): Van Decision back - picture 2Even Vietnam players are up before the game. Picture: Vnexpress
Myanmar v Vietnam (0-0, 1st half): Van decision back - picture 3
Myanmar v Vietnam (0-0, 1st half): Van decision back - picture 4

The Qatari referee, Khamis Al-Marri, will start a game between Myanmar and Vietnam tonight. This referee is unfamiliar with many Vietnamese players. (FASHION OF INFORMATION)

Myanmar v Vietnam (0-0, 1st half): Van decision back - picture 5Myanmar will support Thuwunna yard early to prepare for a & # 39; encouraging the home team. Photograph: Phung
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"Myanmar is playing well in Vietnam, their players are technologically and vibrant, but in general, the Vietnamese players are still better, especially in terms of international knowledge. The former Thanh Luong player before Myanmar-Vietnam.

Myanmar v Vietnam (0-0, 1st half): Van decision back - picture 7From the late afternoon this afternoon, many people want to "sit" in front of Nguyen Hue Street (Ho Chi Minh City Area 1) to watch the Myanmar-Vietnam game on the big screen. Photograph: Van Minh
Myanmar vs Vietnam (0-0, 1st half): Van decision back - picture 8Near the time of a rolling member, the fans will go to the streets of Nguyen Hue; growing.


+ Vietnam Jobs: Van Lam, Van Duc, Ngoc Hai, Dinh Trong, Duy Manh, Van Hau, Quang Hai, Xuan Truong, Cong Phuong, Van Quyet, Anh Duc.

Kyaw Htet, Manda Kyaw, Soe Moe Kyaw, Win Moe Kyaw, Zaw Min Tun, Hlaing Bo Bo, Lwin Moe Aung, Aung Thu, Mg Mg Lwin, Si Thu Aung, Hetet Wei.

Myanmar v Vietnam (0-0, 1st half): Van decision back - picture 9
Vietnam begins

Review the 7-1 victory on Vietnam against Myanmar

"After two games, Myanmar has visited seven. They are a strong attack team. The game is not easy," -HLV Park Hang This told a press conference by Myanmar-Vietnam.

Myanmar vs Vietnam (0-0, 1st half): Return to Decision - Picture 10Ranking of the board A before the game of the evening.

Myanmar v Vietnam (0-0, 1st half): Van decision back - picture 12

Vietnam recruitment to affect the AFF Cup Myanmar 7-1

In the East Asian Football Championship eight years ago, Vietnam has relied on Myanmar's ban on Myanmar with a score of up to 7-1. At that game, Duc Duc and Trong Hoang, who were still in the AFF Cup in 2018, get two pages for the Reds.

In the table, there are 6 points for the 201A AFF Cup, Myanmar, Vietnam and Malaysia, but Myanmar was sentenced to; First of all because more than two teams wanted objectives. At 18:30 today, Myanmar will host Vietnam to the home. If Myanmar buys the game, Myanmar will open the door to go ahead, but if the drag is or is lost, the danger of being eliminated is high when the last visit comes to court Malayis.

At the same time, Vietnam's Phone did not fail to Myanmar, because Hang Hang teachers lost their right hand inside. Indeed, South Korea's governors and students do not come to Myanmar to draw, but they are sure they get the title to maintain their leadership in Group A.

At the AFF Cup, Vietnam met on Myanmar five times and never missed, including four winners and one draw. Indeed, at the national team level, in the last 10 years, Vietnam Phone was not just the same before Myanmar and a friendly match. there.

At the moment, Myanmar football is a team of quality players, which is similar to the current 3 in Thailand including Zaw Min Tun, Sith Aung and Aung Thu. In a good day, they can hit any Asian Asian team. However, Vietnam is not seen easily at this time. At the hands of the Park Hang-coach, the red shirt team is a consistent mix of youth enthusiasm and the wisdom of old experts.

Far away, in front of Malaysia, Vietnam was actively activating the middle line for the enemy. They are only about 30%, but they are better than the challenger in terms of opportunities and efficiency. The impact was 2-0 to & # 39; Identify Fiona Telephone campaign risk and protection protection. Myanmar can not play against her ball to play the attack, even often. going slowly and largely to scratch with enemy mistakes. Vietnam's protection is certainly as well as Cambodia and Laos, so it's not easy for Myanmar to take fun.

Lineup Myanmar vs. Vietnam is expected

– Myanmar (4-4-2): Kyaw Zin; Htan, Pya Phyo, Min Tun, Soe Moe; Maung Maung, Lwin Moe, Bo Halaing, Soe Aee; Aung Than, Aung Thu.

– Vietnam (3-4-3): Van Lam; Duy Manh, Dinh Trong, Que Ngoc Hai; Trong Hoang, Quang Hai, Xuan Truong, Van Hau; Cong Phuong, Anh Duc, Van Quyet.

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