Myanmar vs Vietnam Telephone Result: 2018

"Mon" as Park Hang Seo

Vietnam's 2-0 victory on Malalla at My Dinh Stadium on November 16th with Cong Phuong and Anh Duc double. However, Hang Seo Park is the richest star in Vietnam in this game.

With his mind, the European leader has worked with Tan Cheng Hoe, Malay players, Vietnamese football fans and professionals to be spectacular.

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Coach Hang A very innovative game with Malaysia (Picture: Duong Thuat).

Despite being & # 39; An influential claim over Malala, Parker did not play invasion. He set up a bus in front of the dance at Dang Van Lam, which said Tan Cheng Hoe coach, just as one point in My Dinh must be mixed.

Tan Cheng Hoe caused the coach to make mistakes incorrectly. One is to get Seed to influence its & # 39; member and game attack by Vietnam.

The Sundramoorthy coach from Laos said, after the 0-3 loss to Vietnam in the 2018 AFF Cup match: We think that was equivalent to 1-1, when the game was well ahead on Vietnam, but gave a promise At the end of the first half, all the plans have been put in bankrupt.

This is the beauty of Park Hang. It has set up to host Vietnam's hosting television games to & # 39; seeking goals and being able to win, but that is not the case. When the opponents rise to the team, Playing fast they did not get a strong neck on Vietnam Can not get up.

At this time, a technology team in Vietnam is well-paced, the game's team can attack the game to "seed seed", but knows how to regulate emotions and take the enemy's knee. This is a coach monster of Hang Park This compares with two cases on General Sundramoorthy and Tan Cheng Hoe.

Vietnam "shrug phone" by Myanmar?

Speaking at a & # 39; news conference before the game Myanmar vs Viet Nam at AFF Cup 2018"Home team manager Antoine Hey said:" We have to tackle one of the strongest challenges in the area. They have a steady level of players and play for a long time.


In competition this year, they have not made a promise and have a good keeper. I was surprised when they played against Malaya, they did not play at home. "

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Coach Park Hang This is very important for Myanmar.

Despite being & # 39; co-competitors, Coach Park is a very small number. He said: "The game of the enemy is always tough. They play at home and they enjoy humorous enthusiasm from fans.

What's the Myanmar players in the two types that have shown that it is a strong team. They are the fastest team in Group A and have been strong, not only this tour but in this league for many years. "

Coach Park Hang This is easy to look for Myanmar. As this team belongs to the Aung Thu star – "Ronaldo Myanmar was a" gaming player ". In addition, they won tickets for the competitions.

At this time, Fine and the Vietnam Fair are six points, but the Park team was held aside by replacing the sub-program. According to schedule, the Cup Cup AFF Cup has won over the opponent, when the last round of the group's home side is against Cambodia.

With what Malaysia's phone appears before Malaysia, Hang Seo Park's coach is not able to Holding a "shrug", asking the students to "set up a bus" at Thuwanna Stadium as I did in My Dinh to capture enemies. In fact, you do not miss this game, Vietnam Phone is the biggest chance to play in this game; The team has won the tickets to the 2018 AFF Cup final finalists.

Match between Myanmar vs. Vietnam Phone In the third round of A – A8 Cup A group 2018 onwards at 18h30 tonight (20/11). VOV will report this game online.

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