Name a new list that many of Vietnam had surrendered

According to the SSI Store Investigation repository, changes to the ETF airport will appear in the & # 39; fourth quarter of 2018 as a stock market (stock market) is changing, many stocks have changed; see a huge decline in capitalization. Restrictions in print, length & # 39; Changes in foreign room rates also cause the property to change the list.

According to the SSI Retail Research, it is likely that DXG could be removed from the FTSE Vietnam ETF (Deutsche Bank management and FTSE Vietnam based investment based on the decline in a foreign room). below 2%.

Hoa Binh Construction (HBC) with Le Viet Hai and Ton Hoa Sen (HSG) of Mr Le Phuoc Vu may be resigned as a result of the sharp reduction in capital that is not suitable for its & # 39; indexes.

Hoa Binh Construction's capital was moved near 50% a year to less than 3,700 billion. Sun Sen's capital has been higher, down 70% to VND2,900 billion.

At the same time, HAGL Agrico (HNG) with Doan Nguyen Duc (Bau Duc) can be added to the index due to & # 39; Each contract is fulfilled and maintained for two periods thereafter to allocate liquidity situations. Previously, HNG was removed from the index for reasons of malpractice.

HNL shares of HAGL Agrico are also in historical enhancements over the past year. The HAGL Agrico market capital reached over VND14.6 billion (equivalent to more than USD620 million). It is expected that HAGL Agrico will be the richest one in more than a year after Bau Duc was the Tran Ba ​​Duong handwriting combat from Thaco to revitalize the agricultural empire.

Duc Duc is one of the people who support Vietnam's football.

Duc Duc is one of the people who support Vietnam's football.

Previously, HAGL Agrico à Bau Duc, as well as HALG (HAG), dropped in a difficult situation with a debt up to the thousands of billions on his shoulder. The Bau Duc business also suffers from a number of other problems such as a & # 39; going to foreigners, in regard to the sale of sugar baskets, Most of their resources, which come together with a & # 39; case by Capital FPT.

The dream that affects the south eastern end of Asia has long been, and the great aspirations are "to sit Vietnam in sales, all southeast Asia ", a & # 39; Watching a cannon 1 cannon area … by Doan Nguyen Duc (Bau Duc) It's harder than ever.

However, Thaco's handheld helps HAGL Agrico to The cash flow to develop agricultural products on a large land bank of Bau Duc stretches from Vietnam to Laos.

If the list of foreign ETF assets is added, the increase of HAGL Agrico will be enhanced. The charm may return. So far, HAGL Agrico has gone over to Ton Hoa Sen à Le Phuoc Vu and Hoa Binh Together With Viet Hai.

Buu Duc's handbag also helped Mr Tran Ba ​​Duong to develop a 7-year project on gold buildings at the heart of Myanmar's major city.

On stock market, the VN-Index was broken unexpectedly, despite unbearable prosperity. Mr Ngo Chi Dung Mr Pham Nhat Vuong and VPBank (VPB) had an increase in some of the stocks, including Vingroup (VIC) … very much to the VN index.

Waiting for low temperatures and observers continued to become bare salesmen. There are no clear signs for this market.

Some security companies (CTCK) are looking responsibly in the pre-statement.

Baoviet Securities (BVSC) said it's likely to be a pressured market after a summary of 19/11. The support and attendance levels are 927 – 934 and 880 – 885.

YSVN said that its market could continue It rises near the short-term attendance of 930 points of the VN-Index and 105.8 points of the HNX-Index. At the same time, the situation may continue to gradually, which will continue to continue. market move forward and that a & # 39; The market will soon show signs of breaking.

In closing the trade session on 19/11, VN-Index gave more 17.87 points to 916.06 points; HNX-Index 0.93 points increased to 103.95 points. Upcom-Index raised more 0.38 points, up 52.4 points. Market vulnerability reached 180 million units, valued 4.1 trillion dong.

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