Nearly 450 participants participating in the Hanoi 2018 International Exhibition Shop; Shop

It is anticipated that there will be around 1,600 cottages that showcase new materials and an advanced technology of 273 domestic enterprises. 180 joint venture campaigns; 60 enterprises, foreign companies from 22 countries and countries such as the USA, UK, France …

According to the representative of the Organizing Committee, the results are included. The show is very different. Most of the exhibition materials were explored, explored and invested with buildings projects, construction materials and decorative materials inside with new designs and features. size has been improved. In particular, more and more interesting results are related to 4.0 technology.

Nguyen Tran Nam, Chairman of the Vietnam Real Estate Association, said the exhibition is an opportunity to introduce and stimulate materials businesses widely, as long as they are. expanding its market. This is very important for businesses, especially in the context of construction materials, there are problems, reducing spending, indexes increase …

Lan Nhi

According to the Young Intel

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