Nha Trang is injured by floods, 12 dead news

Hidden landslide

Also this year ago, after many days of poor water, the Xanh center dropped behind the village of Phococ Loc, the Dong Phuoc (Nha Trang town), suddenly and causes dozens of buried houses in the mud, 4 The dead and three seriously injured. The vision of the mountain will not be restored, rather than a week ago, the Nha Trang government reviewed the landlords in relation to the landslide risk points.
Give victims in the landslide in the town of Thanh Phat (Phuoc Dong commune, the town of Nha Trang) urgently

Give victims in the landslide in the town of Thanh Phat (Phuoc Dong commune, the town of Nha Trang) urgently

But yesterday (18/11), the stormy flood that affects storm, number 8, has been at & # 39; pouring large water with 388 mm to attack her; This city, which means that the drainage system is almost polygonal. Rainwater from the hills stretches down, and Plowing through many places of residence, including what is done; hindered him.

12 dead, 2 lost

The Nha Trang Storm and Explosion Research and Rescue (PCLB – TKCN) Department reported that there were 12 dead in the city late 18.11 late, 18 missing, many of the families in water flooded washed away, many roads in the city were flooded, many residential areas are divided, and it is very difficult to get into the rescue force.
Road 23th October (Nha Trang Town) is converted locally

Road 23th October (Nha Trang Town) is converted locally

In that case the landslide in the town of Thanh Phat, the community of Dong Phuoc was very frightening with 4 dead, many of them injured. The residential areas in the Ward Vinh Truong, Vinh Tho Ward, each ward has 2 dead. It is difficult that Tran Hoang Phong (aged 33 years old) is in group 1, Hoa Tay, Vinh Hoa Ward. The heavy waters dropped the ground from the fallen hill, and fell on its two children, grandchildren, 6 year old grandsons. Mr Phong's wife, Nguyen Thi Thi Thuy, was severely injured at Khanh Hoa District Hospital. Mr Phong is buried in his house until the afternoon of 18.11. Above the lounge there are still flowers that students have visited recent teacher teachers on VN. Why pain!

The house is now muddy

We'll go to the village of Thanh Phat, Dong-commune Phuoc – where you go; Most people lost 4 deaths and flooding flooded houses flooded. To get to this community, to walk on the close cliffs, nothing is done; A sudden flow flows under the river. The land is a muddy muddy road, where there is a rocky fear. The rocks were flooded by floods, which overflowed many houses in residential areas. Flood waters also carry many of the families buried in a hole that are destroyed by the soil. Each house is flooded in the mud after flood waters.

Huynh Van Quang, which belongs to the Thanh Phat cottage, said: "Water from the hill falls down, pulling down the house wall, on all furniture to clear away. , clothes, papers … have been swept away. The house is now muddy. May the couple of two children have a fire to the grandmother's home, or they do not know what happened.

"We've been living here since 2000, but we did not have heavy rain this year," said Pham Thi Thoa. The floods are so fast, the people can not return. "Mr Dang Loi, Chairman of the Dong Commune Pump Public Committee, said that Thanh Phat village had 300 homes. At this time, the authorities continue to continue to improve rescue, out of dangerous areas.

Managing people's mandatory and finding people missing

From the early morning on November 18, the city encouraged 400 troops from the armed forces, including police, military and militia to save life, but many residents are still struggling to get rescues. sorry. As early as November 17, unusual signs of the weather gave many families to move children and older people to shelter in a safer place. However, there is still the danger in the most spectacular points as a Tunnar Tung Restaurant Noodle Owner, two of them killed by a mountain demonstration. So, their home authorities do not; travel to the people who live in the house.

Landscape in the town of Thanh Phat (Phuoc Dong a society, Nha Trang town) Photo: Nguyen Chung

Landscape in Thanh Phat village (Phuoc Dong commune, town of Nha Trang)

Photograph: Nguyen Chung

Dao Cong Thien, former chairman of the Khanh Hoa People Committee, asked all authorities and authorities at all levels to take away people from dangerous areas. Insurance on night 18.11.

Many paths are paralysis

According to data reported by the Center for Hydro-meteorology, the water was pouring in Nha Trang in the morning 18.11 and 388 mm, more than ten additional excursions than expected to have hindered drainage system to & # 39; There were many roads in the middle of Nha Trang as: 23rd October, 2 April, Dien Bien Phu … a great impact on the area, causing problems for people to go back.

Nguyen Tat Thanh Avenue's worst thing (which connects the Nha Trang City at Cam Ranh Airport), is heavy rain between 17pm and 18.11 m.m. making this road, and the extent of Dong Phuoc completely offensive, under bad water and a landslide event. On the way there are many local flood areas, the water depth is from 0.5 to 1 m, the area is flooded up to about 1.5 m, so that traffic can not pass.

At present, the transport modes of the Nha Trang attack – Cam Ranh airports and vice versa must take place on the National Highway 1. At many points on the Cu Hin visit, the rock slide down, blocking the surface of the road. Mr Nguyen Van Dan, Director of Khanh Hoa Department of Transport, said: "Traffic on the completely paralysis road. The fastest on the day of the car are open.

Effects of "parachute"

According to the Flood Control and Storm Control Committee on the Khanh Hoa area, most of the people who were suffering from flooding this rock with a rock from the mountain that caused the collapse of the house to die. Poor families are in a & # 39; Most of the families of the dead, their homes have been solved for road expansion or can be solved from "urban development" projects. Get some compensation, there is not enough to buy land in urban areas, they will "parade" on the slopes to accommodate them for housing. As a "straightforward" home, strong people will do, and # 39; built according to their own money or pocket money. Most of the drainage system planning for this place of residence is not available, whenever the inhabitants of the flood are here with the hillside!

Nha Trang has more than 500,000 people, but the number of "parachuting" has reached thousands of families. The surrounding mountains to town, either be / a & # 39; are progressing to achieve the degree of their project, or if they are valued to create residences, but the rapidly declining rock system is the rest, the rest for the Poor people who can not afford to buy land for projects. They will also stay a bit short of "powerless" government; town. Today the "parachute" started the poor people to pay; price when the flood was.

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