Nha Trang's homeless people after the landslide

On November 19, Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa) was very fast, but the town was still sad with the township of Thanh Phu, Phuoc Dong – where the worst damage in the # 39 ; landslide. After a wet day pouring water, the town was at the base of the ruined ruin, several pieces of broken biscuits and stones turned into houses. People in the sight of sunshine to & # 39; ground screening.

Hundreds who digged, and & # 39; Finding victims buried in debris in Nha Trang

Residents describe the landslide.

Mrs. Le Thi Huoi (age 42) looking out from her cultural center. town, a few hundred meters away from the landslide, with a scarf on its head. One night, her mother died, her father was missing, two young children were still in hospital.

Understanding, there are two 13, 14 year olds with a couple. Due to their workplace, they stayed at their own home, leaving their children for their grandfather or grandmother; look after each other. But the landslide stole its 18/11 customs forever. "In the morning I heard that the parents dropped and moved to their motorcycle, where only two children were saved by lions around the world," said when she had brought a wonderful enjoyment.

Bringing the two children into hospital, Ms. Xiao returned home. Hours later, his mother's body was found beneath the rock, and his father was still lost. "During the night my daughter could not sleep, her eyes were heard, she went on ramshackle: I did not come back, I was watering my mouth, I was afraid, She had to work, to hospital to make her child secure.

Last night, Ms Hui went to her homeland home to take her mother's funeral. "I have never thought of this situation, I have to lie with you, a grandfather or grandfather is not injured but they are in another hospital," chrom his voice.

Mrs. A & # 39; Understanding the scarf when his mother returned beneath the stone, he died. Picture: Xuan Ngoc "data-natural-h =" 332 "data-natural-width =" 500 "src =" https://vcdn-vnexpress.vnecdn.net/2018/11/19/vnetambo3-2059-1542624599. jpg

Ms Hieu knew the problem of mourning that her mother lost in the landslide on 18/11. Photograph: Xuan Ngoc.

Cultural House as "refugees"

Phu Thanh village, Phuoc Dong commune on many houses at the bottom of the mountain with a weak, weak base. Just a few hours after the rain fell, the rock dropped down a row of houses. Home culture is unhappy to be buried and Gathering place for dozens of people who show the world.

When the water came two days back with the water "never before", Ms. Pham Thi Ngoc Ha (age 38) should take her children to culture. Rain, her husband returned home to see the same rubbish. "Saving the house I built two couples, I intend to see how the youngest fever is 4 years old, shouting," she grew up.

After a night without sleep, the mother looked poor, not listed. I built a chair in the corner of the room, and split her spoon to her room; young lad. Long time, she turned to two children sitting next. "They keep me asking me to go home, but I do not always know it, but a home," it is the intense brain. Looking at the sacks of notes next door, she told two couples today, not only did not eat nonsense too.

At the end of the night, their children must sleep, ask her neighbors' knowledge, and then go through the winding road, bending to go home. Then she fell, to see her & # 39; Concrete wall of its fourth-level home is thrown, buried in stone. She stretched, went off in a string of stones that she was, Try to do anything that happened in the contributor. Then I got anything. Her husband marries his wife and brought her back to the house of her family in large numbers.

Without beds, many people have stopped chairs at a cultural home; town. Photograph: Xuan Ngoc. "Data-natural-h =" 323 "data-natural-width =" 500 "src =" https://vcdn-vnexpress.vnecdn.net/2018/11/19/tam-bo-9763 -1542640744.jpg

Without beds, many people have stopped chairs at a cultural home; town. Photograph: Xuan Ngoc.

In the cultural area of ​​around 200 m2, many families living in the area are narrow. The adults will add the tables, combine them together to make beds for the children to lie down. The women just give children an opportunity, just to divide the sad story. The men come to the old town to see the ruins of the hill, find objects that can be used in the homeless. Sometimes a few visitors came and gave notes, cakes. The people in the Thanh Phu rocks do not know how happy or sad when they get relief gifts.

People will reduce accommodation to & # 39; passing temporary

The property that gutters at the cultural home is Bringing families with children to consider renting a house. Mai Thi Hanh loved while he was crying constantly, saying that a couple had just returned home to find smaller buildings. "Let's go to the wash stream and we will insert it." In the cultural house a few days ago for rent only, we can not live like this forever, "she said.

Ly Truc Lien, 48, said he had been living for twelve years, but he saw a series of houses. falling and many were killed. Further than 7h that day, a hard wind had been on her; iron roof. He was not quite quiet, he stood looking at the door, the dark sky, and the thunder. brutally brutal. Suddenly, behind the house, many sounds fell, "then", and fortunately he disappeared.

He is lonely, hard-lived, in his & her; bicycle with both legacy. From yesterday, he did not fall out of his house, but always digged, and, Looking for a motorcycle, when he came vigorously into the dark, then on a sleeping culture. "It's a bit of money lying on the ground, now there's something to eat for the day," he said.

Mr Ly Truc Liem, who suffers from a & # 39; loss of earth slides, sitting in a cultural house; town. Photograph: Xuan Ngoc. "Class =" img_more "data-natural-h =" 333 "data-natural-width =" 500 "src =" https://vcdn-vnexpress.vnecdn.net/2018/11/19/ nan-nhan-1 -8294-1542640744.jpg

Mr Ly Truc Liem, who suffers from a & # 39; loss of earth slides, sitting in a cultural house; town. Photograph: Xuan Ngoc.

Le Duc Vinh, Chair of the People's Khanh Hoa Committee, asked the Nha Trang People's Committee to focus on arms and meant that they still found the number of victims still needed. The medical units need to take care of the care and care of those who are injured. In addition, places to settle places for houses where the houses have been damaged or damaged; To support foodstuffs, make sure that no one is hungry.

Due to the impact of low tropical pressure, on the 18/11 morning, Nha Trang has heavy waters at Nha Trang and some roads are badly damaged, some of the road roads. In Dong Pouochan residential areas, Vinh Truong, Vinh Tho, Vinh Hoa, were very contaminated by landslides causing falling rocks, gifts of houses; causing many people to die and need.

By night on the night of 19/11, the rescue force found another victim who suffered in Dong Commune's Pump, increasing the total number of deaths in the & Landscape in Nha Trang to 14. There are still 3 more.

Xuan Ngoc

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