On a Tet holiday, if you eat chicken, you will not eat these foods – 24h food

Saturday, 9 February, 2019 19:00 PM (GMT + 7)

All the flies of Tet are essentially boiling chicken. However, with some food, it has a detrimental effect on health.

Hedgehogs are very easy to find and easy to handle, a suitable offer for all families. According to the old opinion, hen has many good meanings. Out of the 12 armies, hens are the symbols of attack and strength. In literature, it is said that there are five great possessions for hens: Van, Vo, Dung, Nhan, Stan.

Not only that, according to superb books, which belong to a breed every day for the first 8 days of the new year. Chicken is on the first day of Year & Soil, so the offer can not be chicken.

In terms of nutrition, there is a lot of healthy nutrition in cheese. In addition to fatty albumin, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, acid, calcium, phosphorus, and iron are also available. This is a high quality food, easily embraced and circulated by human body.

Eat eating a chicken helps to # 39; reduce the risk of cancer cancer, life extension, good heart, depression, and # 39; Supporting tooths and bones, promoting eye health, … and many other benefits.

However, some cakes and coasters are made complex. You need to consult and remove these practices:

Lis gliocaideach, rus mucach

On a Tet holiday, if you have a chicken, you can not eat these foods - 1

Preserved seals, chicken alms are a "favorite" dish of many people. This dish is not just in this family, but many shops have a lot of shops; catches very expensive. However, experts, chicken meat served by coarse rushes are easy to do eight-pony (rescue lattice). Therefore, those who eat soft rice to chicken should now be donated if they do not want their group to be used for nesting when they eat too much.

Salt salt and mood

On a Tet holiday, if you have a chicken, you can not eat these foods - 2

Cheat meat is in the organ style. And sweet sesame is working to nourish, & nbsp; Blood Blood Nutrition, a menstrual flavor of warm pleasure breaks down to & # 39; gas (which prevents wind integration) to reduce blood density. So, when they go together, it will affect birth and error, tinnitus or arthritis in the body and the brain.

Camarlan and carp

On a Tet holiday, if you have a chicken, you should not eat those foods - 3

The mixture of shrimp, carp and chicken at the same meal will be consumed at the same time as to make the body more likely to develop or to pimples; suffering from cancer (cancer and cancer that grows). As these 3 foods are all mild, when they go together, they will get rid of it – it's been over.

Cake and laxice pages

On a Tet holiday, if you have a chicken, do not eat these foods - 4

Enclosures have a very positive effect on muscle and vision enhancement. However, the many eating effects make men to eat; lose their sexuality. When combined with chicken, they create materials that are harmful to the excavation system.

People should not eat a lot of chicken

People with cirrhosis

People with cirrhosis should avoid special foods that are most likely to get sick, usually chicken.

As this is a hot food, it will help to reduce the temperature, make the liver so bad, the bad situation will be there.

On a Tet holiday, if you have a chicken, you should not eat those foods - 5

People with arthritis

It is a growing disease that is most common; in osteoarthritis. Its main medicine still has a & # 39; the use of anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition, diet and exercise can also contribute to & # 39; encouraging a more effective treatment process.

People with shadows

When you have kidney stones, you should also avoid or avoid this beautiful meat. As this protein is very rich, it will increase the increase in urine and stone creation.


According to folklore, some of the special foods, which many people prefer, but if they decide them in the early days …

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