On the 2nd day of New Year, we stopped the female teacher and we went on

Tran Phuc Duc Defense at a lawyer

Tran Phuc Duc Defense at a lawyer

On November 20, a court court of the Ha Tinh population opened its first test hearing on Tran Phuc Duc (SN 1975, residing in Group 3 of Ha Huy Tap Ward, Ha Ha City) with four offenses: "Murdo" illegal people, "" solely owned "and" stored "and" # 39; using illegal explosives ".

According to their prejudice, due to the differences in the business by Mai Hoang O., 15/2/2018 (ie 30 Tet), Tran Phuc Duc sent his / her; Preparation of two spearches with industrial slabs.

At about 14 p.m. on 15/2/2018, Germany sent two domains of self-control, and carry O. Carrying cars and lots of places in the Ha Tinh continent, such as Huong Khe, Can Loc, Thach Ha, Cam Xuyen and Ha Tinh.

In this process, a & # 39; Germany threatened and hers using tape, toy to tie his hand. O., take a car board to his O. family. It was not found.

About 2m on the morning of 17 February 1818 (the second day of New Year) a German driver O. car to his brother's O. gate. Then use the lighter tools to make two mines with me. But in fact, Ms. O. dropped his mines through his teaching; car and fled.

Follow Germany on & # 39; car driving to find O. When she came to O. house, she threw her door to Miss & and threw it into the house. Here, the Germans captured a litmus fire. The O. O. brother blast caused the explosion to be hurt at a 47% level.

Example of perspective

Example of perspective

Not to stop here, a & # 39; Understanding that O. had both the young children in the bedroom, Germain engines 10 liters of gasoline into the door and burned the fire. Fortunately, the family has set fire, with two children of O. Smoking just smokes.

Then, Germany has a & # 39; Continue to drive cars to a gas station in Thach Dai commune (Thach Ha district), asking gasoline staff to make a gas pump in cars to set fire. When the petitioner agreed to the German attack and broke the gas pump and continued on by driving away.

On the way home, Germany went into a house by side, and leading to independence, was arrested and arrested immediately after police.

At a lawsuit on her & # 39; In the morning, Tran Phuc Duc defender is blamed.

Following a review of an illnessous condition, the Trial Panel attacked Tran Phuc Duc for a 15 year and 6 month imprisonment for four accounts: "Adults," "the arrest of law", "ownership of Unique "and" illegal storage and use of spreads ".

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