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Organization of its main battle in Vietnam

Monday, November 19, 1818 17:50 PM (GMT + 7)

Qatar – Alkass newspaper said that two of the country's evaluators will be appointed to host Myanmar in Vietnam in the 2018 AFF Cup record.

Vietnam – Malaysia game (New Media, Rights broadcast on VTC)

At the moment, the Asian Football Federation has not stated that the referee has a whistle in the game between Myanmar and Vietnam, but recently information was needed from Almanac Qatar newspaper – said Alkass's two rulers of this country Khamis Al-Marri and Taleb Al-Marri were appointed.

Victory on Vietnam's Battle - Myanmar: & # 34; in the meantime - 1

Photographs of the rivalry Khamis Al-Marri

Khamis Al-Marri is the main warden in the game between Myanmar and Vietnam at the AAF Cup 201 on November 20.

Khamis Al-Marri, 34, is named as "black king" of the AFC Champions League (AFC Cup). He also hosts Asian Cup matches and 2018 World Cup employers in Asia.

In the end, Khamis Al-Marri reported on his fourth quarter between U19 Vietnam and U19 Bahrain in the U19 Cup. In this game, the students made Hoang Anh Tuan history by winning 1-0 for final recording, which won the South Korea ticket to meet the U20 World Cup.

After the success of its competition, U19 Vietnam has played an important role in the national team and Vietnam 23, including famous players such as Quang Hai, Van Hau and Duc Chinh. Tien Linh also shows his clear future as a conflict in the & # 39; first level with 15 levels established in the V-League 2018.

It is a more interesting thing in the Vietnamese football game, Antoine Hey also looks like director of the jobs in Bahrain (2015 – 2016) and is now a major coach in Myanmar. So, it is not difficult to consider, Antoine Hey's been the U19 Bahrain team who lost to U19 Victoria in his & # 39; fourth quarter. U19 Asia was held in 2016 at home.

In addition, the game between Myanmar and Vietnam was held at 18:30 on November 20 at Thuwunna Stadium, Yangon (Myanmar) has a special collaboration when this competition took place two years ago, and Vietnam's team also came to Myanmar's main battle on the day, the stadium and the stadium mentioned above.

The game between Myanmar and Vietnam has been a ticket to the finals of the two teams, but also the fight for the best place when both have won the six points after their first visit.

AFF Cup 2018 football class: Vietnam, Myanmar race No. 1 table B

Thailand and the Philippines show a strong strength in Group B.

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