Pang Vang's teacher's story added "high platform"

Situated on the top of the Pang Vang mountain, a group of Pang Vang-Huoi Meo (Muong Moi commune, Muong Cha region, Dien Bien) has more than 80 homes with almost 600 people, all Mong. Over the last 20 years, people have lived in a situation where they do not have access to electricity, clean water, and in particular they are self-sufficient. They are responsible for corn, cassava, and paddy.

Piu Vang on the northwest side. Photograph: Phan Tuan Anh-TTXVN

The Pang Vang-Huoi Meo National Park is approximately 10km from National Highway 12 but it takes about an hour to reach motorcycle on a dun road, deserted hills, steep slopes. After coming to the Huoi Meo residential area, we needed to continue the trip through the saddle area, and climbing new slopes to the people of Pang Vang. Pang Vang places appear before our eyes reach enough of wooden houses, roofed drawings, and & # 39; Together together as a bow on a mountain top between the dry ground. Pang Vang's Pang Vang (Chief Executive 2 Mường Mươn) is a pang of Pang Vang's home site – where the children of Pu Vang – Hoi Meo's reputation are the words, where young teachers are "Plug" quiet every day producing "green sprout letter" germination, development.

Mrs Mien came to each house to encourage their parents to bring their children to school.
Photograph: Phan Tuan Anh – VNA

Speaking to us, the teacher Bui Thi Mien (born in 1987), said his native in the Hoa Binh department. In 2009, she graduated from North West Wales (Son La), Primary Education Department. In 2010, she was given her to work at Ma Thu Ho Kindergarten (Ma Thi Ho, Muong Chain district, Dien Bien division). After working at many nurseries in the Muong Chain area, early in 2018, Mien returned to work at Pang Vang (Kindergarten No. 2 Muong Meng), where she was in 2012 to teach. PU VANG is one of the six satellite schools of Muong Moi 2 Kindergarten, there are five other scattered habitats in other towns such as Huoi Ho, Puy Mua, Huoi Nha. There are difficult situations, the same situation as an electricity network, scarce water resources to take advantage of the water around its home. In the school, 52 children of the Pu Puang ethnic group – Huoi Meo's group are attending school. The PU VANG campus site is a 4-story building, which includes a small chapel for teachers, and a small "tent". The daily activities of teachers, students and teachers are held in these buildings and there are clay courts on their habitat. In addition to the teacher Bui Thi Mien, Tran Thi Thuy, the name of 40 children in nursery, and 12 children in nursery, Ms Quart Thi Cuong.

It is a land in which; Most of the route that goes to school in Pang Vang, travel is very tough in the water temperature. Photograph: Phan Tuan Anh – VNA

According to Ms. Mien, Ms. Cuong and Ms. Thuy, the problem, the hardness and the hard work here is a clean source of water, without a national grid, there is a difficult traffic, a way back. The town is at the peak of the mountain, the climate is tough, the land does not have a lot of food stores, especially vegetables, they need to buy from the middle; societies to submit.

Bui Thi Mien said that there was only a center of societies near a short distance from slippery roads in the water temperature. In the dry season, the motorbike is running but it's very dangerous because of it; If the teacher is a female, the wheelchair is not stable or falling, just fears a car down to & # 39; hill, down.

To get water, the humans and people must go away from two "water" of caterpillars, about 400m residential and residential 2km. The dry season, the hot sun and the two waterproof water tanks are circulated to each water captain. Every morning and late, they should be split together to collect and carry water in the plastic box, bucket pot. The morning session is to give water for girls' activity and use it from midnight to midnight, water is used in the afternoon for morning to next day's day. On days when there are many people in the same boat to get water, they have to wait for hours to get water for pigs. Their daily activities spread over water from the stream, go to & # 39; build, teach, & # 39; Looking after meal, sleep for the children and the students to return home. A day closing, when you sit on the pest of the dinner is dark at night. The evening in Pang Vang was very fast, dozens of houses were also on the "link", with oil lamps, light or no-cost; running on batteries through the woods.

The way to secondary school school. Photograph: Phan Tuan Anh – VNA

Speaking about family life, her voice is like Mien, a little passionate. Her family is in Thanh Yen (Dien Bien area), 60km away from school, when she went to "Mien", fieldwork, construction and construction. Looking after two children (a 6 year old 6 year old) just look at the hands of the man. During the day, busy work should be abandoned as nostalgia, and lamenting children; At night, I'm lamenting homesickness. "At times like that, I was very close and I wanted to be close to home. Due to work conditions, many other colleagues are so hard and they should try to work To be aware of the night, I do not lament the home to sleep but tomorrow tomorrow, see the hard lives of people, seeing the need for love, the value of the word for her little children here To try to be hardworking and struggling, "said Ms Mien.

According to Mien, on the weekend, if there is no water, she has called a home cycling to visit home, family care, childcare, school care, thanked Ms. Shui, Ms. Cuong to stay in the West School Before returning to school, Ms Mien wanted to "make important" to restore food, food, needs to return to school to life needs, colleagues and children attending school attendance.

Ms. I want to teach children of nursery Àir. 2 Muong Do.
Photograph: Phan Tuan Anh – VNA

In addition to everyday professional duties, the teachers regularly move, and # 39; Link to donors and social organizations to make trips to get them alive better. South Westerly

"In order to complete the work, misleading and surrender," with a motto, during the free time, Ms Mien went to each house to family for children transferred to full school; Parents should know how to keep their daily hygiene, how to prevent the diseases, so that they will keep their children warm when they go; sleep at night … When homework, Ms Mien and the teachers are at school too. help enthusiastically. As a result, the teachers in the school are constantly in the news.

A description of the teacher, Bui Thi Mien and the teachers who put in here, Giang Tung Chinh, are people who are here; live in the village of Pia saying calmly: Children in the village of Pu Vang – Huoi Meo is educated, hard Care is good, because the teacher's parenting helps our children literate , also for her & # 39; children to wear clothes, warm plaid. We are very grateful to you.

Personal hygiene Ms. Mien for every child in class.
Photograph: Phan Tuan Anh – VNA

Eight years to connect to & # 39; Prof. Mien Mien has turned his foot in many towns of Muong Cha. Miss Mien is a fascinating life, he's in the clean season in 2017, when he is planning to return to work at the Pang Vang site. The water was there, the road was slippery and a female co-worker was to walk from Highway 12 to the school. The road was so hard and they did not just wear clothes and food. After two days in school, their food stores are scattered, at that time they can not go to the center of societies because the road was slippery, slippery, heavy, heavy wind always. In the middle of difficulties and worries, Mien and her coworkers, potatoes and food got to get away from hungry for several days. This year's event is also that Mien adds more to her; home, they are growing up to go to # 39; giving her heart to her & # 39; teach children.

As dedicated to teaching in remote areas, Bui Thi Mien has been recognized as a youth activist for many years. In 2017, Mien received the qualification certificate issued by the people of the Muong Cha district (Dien Bien province) for special performances in teaching.

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