Parents spend about ten million buying sushi flowers for teachers

On November 20, a parent who resided in City HCM paid ten tons of bongets for his teachers.

Parents can buy sushi flowers

Sushi flour cost 2 million dong or more. (Picture: Hong Yun).

Put the sushi warm into the box to move to customers, Ms. Truong Hoang Nhu (section 10, Ho Chi Minh District), created a way to share sushi flowers directly on that, during the period of 20/11 In the last few weeks, there are many orders that are not willing to receive sushi flower messages because of fear they can not get up, they've lost their work late.

Just a description, in which, L.H.B. living in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, and # 39; sends three sushi bouquets at a total cost of about 10 million VND for their son's teachers during the 20/11 Teacher Day.

"I put these three sushi bouquets to the teachers who taught my child. When they gave gifts, the teachers were amazing and happy. Now take the gift to a bit tasty, even if there is no Teachers recognize, I donate this flower sushi in particular, teachers always remember but also sign up with their class and so I do; feeling very good, "and B. says.

We know that the price of each sushi flower will be as you depend on the requirements of customers, but the minimum of 2 million. So, there is 3 3.5 million VND / 3 bunch of bouquets of Mr B's flowers …

Parents can buy sushi flowers
The sushi years are placed in the box carefully for the safest transportation possible. (Picture: Hong Yun).

Share with the reporter Dan Tri, a & # 39; make these flowers of sushi flowers, Ms. Nhu has done several tests to find ways to preserve this sushi bèquet on the shape, to be built up as a normal bouquet without cultivation.

"Making sushi flowers is a very productive, simple but simply learning, declining for months to make it out of the opinion like this," said Nhu.

We know that every time to do to make a fair, Ms. Huang does a lot of sushi for a & # 39; Testing the agency, the arrangement is so good, there is a certain number of sushi in the & # 39; bèquet.

As well as to find ways to format the & # 39; Fighting this sushi banner, Mr. Nhu needs to find the materials with color, taste and shape, and mix together to make it beautiful and stable. Experience this unique battle.

"This is my opinion and I tried to do it myself, so it was very difficult, but when I got many feedback from buyers, I was feeling that everything is worthwhile, "said Nhu. South Westerly

In addition, many other customers have been able to get their & # 39; This bèquet sushi is also well advanced.

Parents can buy sushi flowers
A Japanese man sent a flower of sushi flowers and cat sushi to his Vietnamese woman as a teacher. (Picture: Hong Yun).

He received a sushi bucket and a sushi cat from her husband Cam Van, who was a primary teacher: "I was very amazing and I'm very pleased to get this gift from my person at the time of his. Everyone from Japan and the United States all likes this sushi butterflies and everyone says that sushi in Vietnam is so creative. "

In addition, Ms. Huang As, some of the classrooms of this flower shop know about her sister's shop through social networks that they should have to buy a class award for teachers and then the class at the festival.

"The whole class had a lot of money to buy for the teacher at the giant sushi flowers on November 20 this year. Our teacher was very amazing about this particular gift. Then my class is flower flowers Sushi too, everyone is very good and happy, "said Phuc An (District 5, HCMC), students at Le Hong Phong High School.

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