Paris Hilton casts a & # 39; marriage with a young girlfriend

Planning for a beautiful wedding event later this year, but a 37-year-old woman and a 4-year-old actor Chris Zylka have broken up a decision.

JustJared Paris Hilton finished the relationship with Chris Zylka earlier this month after 10 months of marriage. Also confirmed other sources E! News"Paris broke Chris with a couple of weeks ago, and their relationship quickly, and realized that Chris Zylka was not right for her. He'll be good for him and I hope they can keep friends."

Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka have been together since the end of 2016.

Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka.

In January, Paris Hilton was delighted to be praised by Chris Zylka during New Year's holiday with a $ 2 million humanitarian ring. At that time, Lady Hilton said that Chris was the three parties of his life and that she was the best girl in the world. "I was full of joy when I was in the best friend and friend, and I never felt happier, quiet and affectionate. It was essential for me in every way It showed me there are still peace stories! "

Paris Hilton casts a & # 39; marriage with a young girlfriend

At the moment Paris commended Chris Zylka

Following acceptance of the proposal, Paris married his willingness to get married on 11/11. She placed her wedding dress, made a guest list and chose the most romantic places for her big day. But, at the beginning of autumn, Paris decided to go back to her wedding next year because he was too busy. In November, the 33-year-old 33-year-old actor was officially out.

The wedding is no longer longer, Paris and Chris Zylka are now in a position; focused on work. "Paris will put a lot of energy into her label like a DJ-ing and a perfumes while Chris is returning with acting and painting," said the store. JustJared.

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