Paris Hilton Dew, sends farewell to the wedding day

The sweet image of Paris and Chris fiancé still brings together friendship. (Picture: guestofaguest)

The bankruptcy was reinforced by a special source of Just Jared: "They broke out earlier this month and put off their kiss."

According to Just Jared, "Their relationship has declined after two years of age. Now, Paris wants to focus on the work of DJ as well as his relationship line, passion for acting" .

Paris and Chris appear publicly in 2017, after year together, on New Year's Day; New 2018, Chris has been praising the real 37-year reel when they are going to play it; lies on Mount Aspen. After his stay, the heiress of the Hilton family will be share much about the marriage. According to its description, this will be a big marriage.

Paris said in conversation with E! News in February – one month after getting involved – that she was "about her hair" due to plans for a wedding wedding.

Paris says there are so many friends and friends all over the world and she wants them to be on her big day. So, Paris is trying to find a place where all relatives and friends can be present.

But this seems to be too difficult. So Paris said to E! News: "I want to make some wedding parties … When I was 21 years old, I had five parties, and maybe my marriage is in Europe, one in the USA and one for people from all over the world. "

Paris Hilton says she wants to marry her soon as she is happy to marry.

In another interview with Entertainment Tonight, Paris said she and Chris had been talking about getting children.

"I got the last perfect person to build a family," said Paris to Entertainment Tonight to be satisfied. "So I look forward to it."

"I'd like to have a couple," said Paris. "We talked about getting children from the first day, and we know we want to be right from the beginning."

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