Petitioner of the ship in the two sets of a train meeting at the Nui Thanh station

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 08:23 AM (GMT + 7)

Yang Tran Chi Hieu, 31, of Tuy Hoa, Department of Binh Dinh, was made in a two-way convoy in the Thanui Nui, Quang Nam division.

On the afternoon of 19-11, Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Thanh Long, Nui Thanh's district police chief, Quang Nam division, said the local police had decided to challenge the defendant against Duong Tran Chi Hieu for "to break the rules on control of railway traffic".

Steerage boat in both front sets at Nui Thanh station - 1

The scene 2 accident train at Nui Thanh station

Thus, Duong Tran Chi Hieu piloted D11H-350 maritime control and gave the 2469 goods freight to the station, which did not meet the rules on the operation of a boat, causing a very bad accident. South Westerly

Previously, the CAND Newspaper described a description of 17-5 to 26-5, the goods train that carried the AXY2 number went to; running from Ho Chi Minh Town when they went into the Nui Thanh station with the evening freight train number 2469 or on the same route.

The accident caused a very wounded driver, two locomotives and four vehicles to be converted horizontally, drawn from the routes.

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There were two goods carrying trains throughout the Quang Nam area; Looking together on May 26th tonight, driving sheltered vessels.

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